Multitasking Gestures Coming Soon to Original iPad –Here’s a Few More Features That Should Be

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We learned earlier this week that the very slick and handy multitasking gestures in iOS 5 will soon be coming to the original iPad. They are currently not available on the original iPad – with no apparent good reason, but that will be rectified when they are added in the iOS 5.0.1 update which should be released in the next few weeks.

That’s a good step by Apple – but there are still a few nice new iOS 5 features that have not made it to the original iPad. Features that should be available for it. For starters, the new photo editing capability should not be restricted to just the iPad 2. It is only a very basic photo editing capability but it’s very handy – and it’s dumb for it not to be there for the original iPad.

The same goes for the Photo Stream portion of iCloud. I believe the theory is that these are not needed because the original iPad has no built-in camera – but that’s nonsense. Apple clearly recognizes that iPad users would be doing a lot with photos. This is seen in the fact that it is able to sync photos with iTunes, it has a built-in ability to be used as a digital photo frame, and Apple themselves sell a Camera Connection Kit accessory for it.

Another killer iOS 5 feature that would be great to see on the original iPad is AirPlay Mirroring. With this one, I’m not sure whether there are technical reasons why it wouldn’t run well on the iPad V1 – maybe the iPad 2’s faster processor is needed to make it run well – but given the way Apple has withheld other features when there is no such logic involved I’m still inclined to wonder about this one.

What do you all think? Are there any other big iOS 5 features you’re missing on your original iPads?

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3 thoughts on “Multitasking Gestures Coming Soon to Original iPad –Here’s a Few More Features That Should Be”

  1. Photostream is on the iPad 1 already, photo editing isn’t, but could be.

    I’ve jailbroken before and enabled mirroring over a cable and it’s not very fast, the graphics card isn’t quite good enough. I suspect AirPlay mirroring would be worse.

    Similarly to the lack of multitasking and backgrounds on the old iPods, these lacking features generally are fair omissions due to performance.

  2. AirPlay works well with AppleTV already for video streaming, so why not a full mirroring capability????

  3. Merely a marketing strategy. It’s very dissapointing that plenty new features not available for original ipad thru iOS 5, without valid technical reason. Jailbroken is there to help, but I do hope Apple will not just simply forgot their original ipad users.

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