My iPhone OS 4.0 Wish List

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So this Thursday is another big Apple event – and another big day for iPad and iPhone users, as we will be getting a preview of iPhone OS 4.0, the next big operating system update for both devices.

OS 4.0 should be coming soon (within a few months) and there are a lot of hopes and expectations riding on this update.

Although there are a fair number of features and things I’d like to see added to iPhone OS 4.0, I have just two big wishes, that are miles above all my others. These two for me are the ones that can take the iPad and iPhone user experience to the next level, and are must-have additions for the new OS. They are:

— Some greater level of multitasking along with rapid app switching. I don’t mind if multitasking is still limited (in sensible ways that help save battery etc) as long as it is accompanied by effective, slick methods for fast switching between apps (and an ability for the OS to remember the state of apps).

— Better (much, much better) ways to organize our apps and home screens. Ditch the home screen or do something to make it less of a misery when you reach 150 apps and above.

The bottom line for me is that If Apple wants to keep selling us all tons of apps, they need to give us much better ways to arrange and manage them, and access them quickly.

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2 thoughts on “My iPhone OS 4.0 Wish List”

  1. I'm actually MUCH more interesting in a file system – some way to get documents from one app (e.g. dropbox or iDisk) to another (e.g. pages) and back again.

    1. That would be nice as well, of course – but I think it's something we're far less likely to see in 4.0, and also I find it much easier to work around than greater multitasking / app switching and app arranging.

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