Nice New iOS 5 Features: Create New Photo Albums and Copy Photos Between Albums on iPad

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iOS 5 allows users to create new photo albums within the Photos app, and to copy images from one album to another.

This is a new feature in iOS 5 that should make an awful lot of iPad and iPhone users happy:

In the Photos app in iOS 5 you can create a new album – and you can copy photos from one album to another.

You cannot move images from one album to another, only a copy or ‘Add to’ action is allowed. Even so, this makes it possible to do some good organizing of photos right on the iPad.

It’s not perfect yet perhaps, but it’s a whole lot better than having to do everything via desktop apps like iPhoto. This new functionality is working well in the latest iOS 5 betas.

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7 thoughts on “Nice New iOS 5 Features: Create New Photo Albums and Copy Photos Between Albums on iPad”

  1. This is a huge step forward, even if these basic features should have been in the first release. However, it is very surprising that move is still not supported.

  2. cool, but if it’s a real copy, after adding the photo to another album, can’t it be just deleted ?

    1. Looking for same solution. Did you find out how to delete from one album but not from another?

  3. Photo Shack Pro already does this, and a whole lot more – and it doesn’t duplicate a single photo in your iPad’s Photos library to do it. You can create Albums within Libraries that you fill with the photos you select in the order you want. Drag & Drop to change the order anytime. View not just full screen, but full resolution up to 16 MP. Inspect the photos embedded metadata for image and camera specifics, and even map the location the photo was taken. You can also provide titles for your photos, and comments as well. Even rotate them if their orientation was imported incorrectly (which happens pretty often on the iPad). It’s currently the top ranked photography app on iTunes.

  4. Working in iPhoto I’ve been happy using events to keep things organized since the work is already done. Will I need to to change me ways if I begin to import directly to the iPad?

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