No Way to Turn 3G on in iOS Betas for iPad?

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Here’s another strange and unpleasant bug I’ve been experiencing on my iPad 3G running the early iOS 4.2 betas: there is no way to turn on 3G, or not one that I’ve found anyway.

If I recall rightly, there used to be a setting under the General > Network section of the Settings app that let toggle 3G on and off. It’s not there in the betas, and there is nothing on the Cellular Data page in Settings either. The APN Settings bar is also missing from the Cellular Data page.

Anyone else seeing this issue? Or found a workaround for it?

Update: OK, so as per the comments below this is looking like it’s not an issue with the iOS 4.2 betas, but with the iPad itself. I’ve now spent around 1.5 hours on the phone between yesterday and today with AT&T and Apple support. After an entertaining-as-ever game of ‘It’s their fault, no it’s their fault’ and some lovely passing back and forth, the verdict is that I need to go and exchange the iPad. I’ll be giving that a go later today.

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15 thoughts on “No Way to Turn 3G on in iOS Betas for iPad?”

  1. Nope. In the previous OS (before 4.2), there is no 3G toggle switch there either, so you're not missing it.

    The only on/off options are under Cellular Data, where you can toggle "Cellular Data" and "Data Roaming."

    1. Hmmm. I'm pretty sure there used to be a separate 3G toggle under the General > Network area – in addition to the Cellular Data on/off setting. And turning cellular data on has never once showed me a 3G signal in the status bar – just solid Edge.

  2. OK – so maybe it's some other issue on my iPad. It always did 3G OK before though. Tried talking to AT&T for advice – so far nothing helpful or that I hadn't already tried.

  3. Try using other simcards.

    I use a Vodafone prepaid with a data plan which uses wap protocol. However what happened was that I got billed 5€ after receiving an MMS. I found out that instead of normal MMS protocol for cellular phones, internet access was imprinted on the Vodafone SIM. Since with Vodafone cellulare data network cannot be accessed I used a TIM SIMcard to visualize the submenu settings. While still in the proper menu I removed the replacement SIM card and sostituded with the original one. Then it was possible to manually input the right APN settings etc.

    However, turning of your iPad will reset the datasettings imprinted on your SIM card

    Try it out, maybe this will help.

    1. AT&T reckoned they'd verified several times over the sim card was good. In the end, Apple exchanged the iPad out for me yesterday.

  4. @patrickj: And did that solve the problem for you…?! Because I'm experiencing the exact same issue ever since I have installed the iOS 4.2 beta on my iPad…! And from what I've heard so far it appears to be related…! I think that — among others — Rene Ritchie from has mentioned the problem and that for some users beta 2 had solved the issue…!? Not for me though, and neither did beta 3 from last night…

    (BTW, I'm also pretty certain that I had 3G settings before, but never mind that…)

    But even if there weren't any settings, the 3G reception is gone…! No matter what I do I can only get EDGE on the device…

    Anyway, what exactly did you do…? Restored to factory settings and had the device replaced…? Have you installed 4.2 on the new device again…?

    Sorry to bother you but I've been searching for information on the subject for quite some time now and I hope that your experiences will bring me closer to a solution…

    1. No bother at all.

      Yes. Apple exchanged my iPad – and the new one does 3G just as it is supposed to. And it works on 3.2.2, and on both iOS 4.2 Beta 2 and last night's Beta 3.

      It is definitely an odd issue – and one of those that makes it easy for the carrier and Apple to toss the blame back and forth. In the end, AT&T did give me a nice refund on my data plan charges as well though.

      1. Thanks for your reply…! And yes, it is a very weird and random issue, that's for sure…
        Some people reported that it was only happening to devices outside the US or with non-US carriers respectively — but since (I assume) you are located in the US that can't really be the only factor…!?

        I'm still unsure whether to wait for the final release of 4.2 and hope that it will fix the problem or just try to get my device replaced…!? :(

        One last question: did you do a factory reset or what else did you do in order to get 3.2.2 back on the iPad and also did you ever tell the guys in the store that you had the 4.2 beta running…?!

          1. Yeah, I've also tried resetting the network settings countless times, swapped the SIM card with the one from my iPhone and all that — no luck at all, just like you…! :(

            Some people say it makes a difference whether you install the beta doing a restore or use the SDK for that, but I doubt that…!? Although, who knows…

            Well, since you say that your replaced iPad seems to work just fine I guess that's the only thing left for me to try then…!? I've already made an appointment at the store for Monday afternoon…

            And thanks for the link, that will definitely be useful…! :)

  5. Hey Patrick, just wanted to let you know what happened with my iPad…

    I actually decided to wait for the official release of 4.2.1, kind of hoping it would solve the problem — but of course it didn't…! So today I had an appointment at my local Apple Store and they were nice enough to exchange my iPad for a new one, so far so good…

    But after setting it all up and restoring my apps and settings and what not, guess what — 3G is gone again…! Aaargh…!! Clearly there is something within my backup files that messed it up again, I just don't know what it could be…!?

    Did you not run into any similar problems with your new iPad…? I'll try and reset everything, let's hope it goes back to normal…! Because I kinda doubt that they'll replace my device again…

    1. Hi. No I didn't run into any of this at all with my new iPad – but I almost never restore from a backup with a new device, especially when I've seen an issue like that one.

      If you have everything important synced to a PC, a 'clean' restore ( as new device, not from backup) seems a good bet for you I think.

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