Odd Behavior from iOS 4.2 Beta on the iPad – Missing Apps on One Home Screen

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Notice anything missing in the screenshot above? There’s only four columns of app icons in landscape mode. To add to the strangeness, this is occurring on just one of four home screens.

On the same screen I was also seeing an issue with getting no response when tapping on app icons on that one home screen. All three other home screens displayed the correct number of columns of apps, and had no problems with all apps responding.

I’m running the first iOS 4.2 for iPad beta on my iPad so of course some strangeness is par for the course. And a reboot resolved both issues – I just thought I’d share here in case any of you are seeing any similar issues. Oh, and overall iOS 4.2 has been solid and smooth on my iPad – no complaints at all in terms of overall performance thus far – I can easily live with occasional bits of weirdness.

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4 thoughts on “Odd Behavior from iOS 4.2 Beta on the iPad – Missing Apps on One Home Screen”

  1. I've noticed another little bug with it. Whenever I leave one location and go to another and try to log onto a wireless router, WiFi on the iPad loses its marbles. It will either turn off, search and not find anything, or find SSIDs, but not connect. As you stated, a reboot clears it right up. I thought it was interesting, since WiFi has worked well for me up until now. I'm not trying to complain, though. A minor problem like this is worth the trade-off of getting my hands on folders and multi tasking early.

    1. Oh, that's a pesky WiFi bug. I haven't seen that yet – but the iPad I run the beta on is a 3G model, so generally when I'm out and about I've been letting it stretch its 3G legs.

      100% agree on the trade-off point – and really the beta has been mostly very stable and solid – despite a few little glitches.

  2. I have been running 4.2 for over a week now. Starting yesterday, the wifi signal meter was intermittent. The wifi worked, but there was no icon at the top of the page.

    I fired up the iPad a few minutes ago to find a new issue. I am not able to open settings. I have done several hard resets and several power-off. No luck. On occasion, settings will open for a minute, but nothing can be selected. Under wifi, it just reads “No WiFi”

    Any ideas? Multi tasking, printing, folders… The official release of 4.2 will boost their sales. It is like a whole new machine.

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