Slick Little Bits in iOS 5: Tweet Compose Box Has Custom Keyboard

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I’m still in the very early stages of getting to know iOS 5, or at least iOS 5 in its first beta iteration. There are plenty of big new features to play with, and also some little things that are fun to discover and use.

One of the notable big new features in iOS 5 is deep Twitter integration. ‘Tweet’ is now a default option wherever you see the standard Share button. You add your Twitter account details in the Settings app one time, and then you can tweet directly from within several of the major built-in apps, including Safari, Camera, Photos, Maps, and YouTube.

One of the great little detail features of Twitter integration is that the tweet compose box has a custom keyboard, with the @ and # symbols added. So it’s much easier to direct a message @ a particular user and to add hashtags.

Thanks to MG Siegler at ParisLemon for pointing this one out.

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