Some Multitasking Options for the iPad

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Apple Insider has a great article up today, offering a very good reminder on what multitasking really means, and what some of the downsides of it are (more opportunities for malware for example).  It also outlines some of the ways we may see multitasking and rapid app switching implemented on the iPad.

Outside of notifications, there are other features related to multitasking that iPad users may want to see addressed. One is local background services such as Pandora radio. Apple’s forthcoming iPhone OS 4.0 is anticipated to either allow users to select specific apps to run in the background, or roll those services into the system, or to enable specific background tasks.

This could allow apps like Pandora to begin a background task that continues even when the user quits the app. With the iPad’s faster processor, the ability to run a limited number of background services might be less of an issue as it currently is on the iPhone.

The article also outlines two other potential multitasking type methods that could be used on the iPad:

— Enabling the system to ‘retain the state of currently running app so that users could very quickly switch between apps

— Dashboard widgets

The fact that the iPad was demonstrated without the iPhone’s customary Stocks, Weather, and Calculator apps may be an indication that those apps have shifted on the iPad from being full screen utilities into desk accessory widgets that can be called up within other apps, such as Apple’s own iWork.

The full article at Apple Insider is well worth a read – check it out here:

I feel very optimistic about the chances that we will see some level of multitasking ability on the iPad.  In fact, I don’t see why we couldn’t see all three methods mentioned above put in place. I’d certainly vote for that.

What do you all think?  Will we see any / all of these methods implemented on the iPad?  If we do, will that be enough to cover your multitasking wants and needs?

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