Why Can’t the Original iPad Have the iOS 5 Photo Editing Feature?

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As several of you have mentioned in comments on some recent iOS 5 related posts here, the new basic photo editing features added to the Photos app in iOS 5 are not available on the original iPad.

My understanding is that the reason for this is said to be because the original iPad doesn’t have a camera.

If that is the reason, it seems a very weak one to me. The original iPad does not have a camera, no argument – but Apple is happy enough to sell a $30 accessory (the Camera Connection Kit) that serves to bring photos to the iPad.

So Apple knows that users want to get photos onto the iPad, and they’ve got an accessory that helps them do it – why not enable the basic photo editing features? This doesn’t strike me as an issue where there’s any hardware spec deficit on the original iPad.

Perhaps I’m missing an obvious and more valid reason for the lack of the photo editing features. If so, I hope one of you will point it out in the comments, because the ‘no camera’ reason doesn’t feel like it cuts it. Hopefully if that;s the only reason, then we might see the feature added in an iOS 5 update.

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6 thoughts on “Why Can’t the Original iPad Have the iOS 5 Photo Editing Feature?”

  1. I become very sad about the way the original iPad, nowadays, has been treated by Apple. As a first generation owner of the device, I really don’t understand the reason for not considering, not even talking about the first version of the iPad. For some contries, like India this device delayed simply more than a year to arrive and, now there are people who are talking about the ‘really impressive decision that Apple had towards the orgininal iPad: it lets the original version ””still”” be updated to iOS 5!? So I’m very sad about this. The ‘more than 200 new features that were put in iOS 5’ I believe, for the owners of the original iPad, that those features maybe reach the half of that. Basic features like the muti-touch gestures to pinch to get to the main screen, for example, simply doesn’t exist for it, but only for iPad 2!? And what about the photo app. It’s exactly the same we had in iOS5. When the iOS 5 update was finally released I thought I would have, now, a descent and built-in way to at least rotate the photos, but, Apple didn’t want the original iPad received this feature. So, that’s what happens with a very, very old ‘revolutionary’ device which was relesed a very, very long time ago to the world: just last year. Yeah, that’s really very, very, very, very long time ago, don’t you agree?

  2. This stinks!

    It a kick in the teeth for people who support Apples products by being early adopters. No I don’t expect certain processor heavy apps and functions, but this is ridiculous! as has been pointed out, Apple sells a camera/card kit to put pictures onto the iPad from it’s launch and having to use the Adobe app (which works fine) is a nauseating time consuming mess.

    Unfortunately, we all know why Apple has left this feature out, along with many on the iPad 1 and that is to make us buy another iPad, nothing more and nothing less

  3. I have been an iOS fanboy ever since the iPhone came out. It seams they stick it to me every chance they get. Most of the time I can return the favor by jail breaking. But WTF, why do I have make a “work around” to make basic features work. I HATE apple and everything they stand for, but damned if I don’t love my iOS devices.

  4. Could be processor related. Already the iPad 1 is slowing down with a lot of basic functionality, so ommitting some of the more CPU heavy features such as photo editing so you don’t have a really slow response time after hitting a button makes sense to me.

    Bear in mind you can import and share RAW photos on iPad 1. I find the a4 chip struggles with even resizing and emailing of my RAW shots. I can’t imagine how poorly an enhance from the ios5 editing tools would perform.

    Does this upset me? No, because I buy a device for what it can do well, when I buy it. Ipad 1 still shines in this regard, AND does some cool new stuff with ios5. Future proofing as a purchasing choice for technology has and always will be bad purchasing philosophy.

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