Would You Like An Option To Turn Off Tabbed Browsing on the iPad?

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In iOS 5 the iPad’s Safari browser no longer shows a separate view with thumbnails for each page currently open, as it did in previous iOS versions. Instead Safari now uses tabbed browsing, which has been popular for some time on desktop browsers and even several alternative browsers for the iPad.

Judging by the comments on my first post about tabbed browsing in iOS 5, there are a number of you who hate this change in Safar, hate tabbed browsing.

I like tabbed browsing a lot. I‘m always running a crazy number of open tabs in Chrome on my MacBook Pro, and I generally have quite a few open on the iPad 2 as well.

So now I’m a little curious about how all of you feel about the change to tabbed browsing in Safari. Do you love it or hate it? Or not too fussed either way? Would you like to see an option to choose to turn tabbed browsing on or off? (I have no idea how viable or not that would be, but just for wish list sake here)

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72 thoughts on “Would You Like An Option To Turn Off Tabbed Browsing on the iPad?”

  1. Hate the tabbed browsing. Made my IPad a high priced paper weight. Not letting consumers go back after a poor, poor upgrade is sad. Keep your POS!

  2. Severely dislike. The tabbed browser kills the full screen look. It also seems like a sell out to all the recent pc users who have switched. I liked being fully emerged in he page and do not understand why Apple doesn’t make it an option.

  3. If you don’t like the tabs, download the Atomic Web browser. You can set homepage, no tabs and also have it recognized as a full desktop browser instead of a mobile device. You will love it!

  4. And this is why I liken apple to communist china, “you no like change…tuff!, you do as your told and take what we give you” (for a very large fee)

    At least make it an option apple!!!!!

  5. I HATE tabs and feel blindsided by Apple. I unwittingly downloaded the latest update to my old original iPad, and my thumbnails were gone forever.

  6. What really angers me is that apple won’t even acknowledge the anger that so many of us have about this issue. They didn’t even give us a headsup on how downloading the new iOS would change the way we use safari. I think if Steve Jobs were alive he would have addressed this problem by now.

    1. That’s the problem in a nutshell. The obviously predominant linear Analytic thinking style at Apple assumes the rest of us think and organize in the same manner in which they do. In their eyes, they’re doing the rest of us a big favor by providing tabs, and can’t imagine anyone wanting to go back to that archaic ‘unorganized mess’ from the past.

      Apple really needs to take this into account in its product development. Maybe it would be good for Apple to have a small cadre, a committee if you will of various thinking (and sensing) styles on hand to provide feedback to developers on some kind of periodic basis.

      Oh .. let me add my vote to this survey .. I hate tabs too.

  7. 100% Hate tabbed browsing…….How dare they force it on us by telling us to “update” who would have thought it would include something we all hated instead of a positive change?????
    I am totally against and do not enjoy my IPad not even half as much anymore…..VERY DISSAPOINTED TO SAY THE LEAST!! SOMETHING THAT WAS TOTALLY ENJOYABLE BECAME AN ANNOYANCE WITH THE NEW CHANGES.?

  8. I hate the news tabs for IPad!!!!!
    It ruins the simplicity of the pad, I’ll use tabs on my iMac but leave the iPad alone!!!!

    There should be an option, I never thought I would ever complain about anything Apple but this is making me think since Jobs died, no one cares.

  9. HATE IT! So much so ive not bought a new ipad! Apple loosing money as i would have 2 x ipad 2’s by now, after downloading the best experience in the world became the worst, when you open lots of tabs the header reduces each time so i cant even see what tab is what, having pictoral icons is what the ipad was all about, thank god mine broke, they gave me a new old version 1 and YES no crappy tabbed browser, heaven restored, but now more and more Apps require IOS5.1 so gradualy they are forcing us toward the worst reduced screen browsing experience on a device were EVERY piece of screen is valuable, when you open the key pad at bottom the screen left is just 1/4 of the entire screen! Why? Why? Why? Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Listen to sense Apple before you lose us to new market devices wthout this terrible tabbed piece of extreme s****

  10. Unfortunately, there’s no Steve Jobs at Apple anymore to insist on straight forward simplicity. It’s too bad. I want to give my old iPad 1 to a friend who is old and techno-challenged, but I won’t give it to him unless I can find a way to disable tabs (tabs don’t work flawlessly .. for those of us who are not techno-challenged, that’s no problem, we know how to work around, for instance, hitting the back arrow and ending up on an earlier used page rather than the previous one. But for those who have no computer savvy whatsoever, that sort of situation just stops them cold – they end up lost with no idea what to do next.) So .. If I find I can’t find a way to toggle the tab feature off, my next step will be to Google methods of reverting back to earlier iOS versions. And if I can’t do that, Don will just have to continue to live with his antiquated dial-up WebTV and never, in his lifetime get a chance to enjoy the benefits of modern computing that the rest of us just take for granted.

    The beauty of the first iPad along with its iOS was that it was simple, un-complex if you will. It was perfect for people who don’t feel comfortable with computers.

    All the other pad makers are adding complexity in order to compete with Apple. Rather than play their game, Apple would be wise to develop a next version that’s designed specifically for those who don’t share the techno thinking style (there is large potential customer base out there that fall in that category.

  11. I think that Apple should really provide that option to switch between either tabbed browsing or thumbnails. There are people who feel strongly about both, and I for one am one of those people who feel strongly about tabbed browsing on a touchpad being a terrible idea. If Apple was considerate, they would’ve left an option to switch between tabs ad thumbnails, instead of just assuming that they always know what people like and what people want. Based on the new update, they are completely wrong in that aspect. I loved my iPad, there was nothing that needed to be changed. Since the update, there’s so much I can’t stand about it. Tabbed browsing is one of those things.

    That is all I will say for now. I feel that if I say anymore, I’ll go off topic and mention the other things I don’t like, such as the inability to delete certain unnecessary apps like Newsstand.

  12. I have messed with tabbed browsing in the iPad 2 for a while now and still hate it. I’m selling my iPad and moving to the galaxy tomorrow. Dumped the iPhone in favor of an android a few months ago and don’t miss it at all!
    Good bye apple comrads!

  13. Tabbed browsing doesn’t work on the ipad for several reasons:

    1. The tab strip takes up too much precious screen space;
    2. The tab strip gets in the way – it’s too easy to hit the tab strip when you were aiming to tap a linkin the page, or even the toolbar (e.g. you aimed for the back button but instead activated the first tab by accident);
    3. Having only a couple of tabs open badly truncates the page title text that appears in the tab, making it very tricky to figure out what tab is what.
    4. It’s ugly – it just doesn’t work on the iPad’s small screen.

    All of these issues were addressed by the original tabs implementation – you can easily see a thumbnail view if all open tabs in full screen on demand. I hope they bring it back.

  14. I also hate the tabs. It makes the screen so cluttered. On my iPhone it is still thumbnails, and I can scroll though active pages and see what each one is and select the one I want. On the iPad with the tabs you get name which is half the time useless, and the screen is cluttered. I also don’t like the last active screen in the background when I’m searching. Very annoying. I want a blank screen in the background so everything isn’t bleeding into everything else.

  15. This is where Microsoft shines, they think and provide tons of settings where a user can turn on/off as each likes. Now Andorid offers tons of features and settings, and Apple is loosing market share fast. When is Apple going to learn this?

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