Yikes, Vicious Norah Jones Bug in iOS 5 Beta 2

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As you may  be able to see in the screenshot above, there is a rather horrific Norah Jones bug that is running riot in the latest iOS 5 developer beta, beta 2.

It is showing itself in the Music app, in the Artists and Albums sections. There you’ll find that a huge number of innocent artists and albums have been taken over (Invasion of the Body Snatchers style) by Norah Jones. Or I should say by Norah Jones and a Saint Bernard – which is even more shocking, because I have always thought of them as a gentle breed.

Just to avoid nutter lawsuits, please note that this post is only in jest. The issue here is just something to do with album artwork not quite firing on all cylinders just yet (at least for me) in iOS 5 beta 2.

Anyone else seeing similarly terrifying issues in the latest iOS 5 beta?

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2 thoughts on “Yikes, Vicious Norah Jones Bug in iOS 5 Beta 2”

  1. I’m just upgraded to the production version, and I’m getting the same bug – only weirder. Some album cover art is also used for icons for various videos! Yuck.

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