8th in Line for iPad 2

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Hurrah. So far today, which is of course iPad 2 Acquisition Mission Day, is off to a smooth start. I walked into my local mall at just a little after 8:30 and I’m the 8th person in line for the iPad 2 outside the Apple store.

As usual at these big Apple launches the people in line around me are great company and the Apple staff look well organized and helpful.

So 1.5 hours down, 6.5 more to wait.

For those of you who are out to get an iPad 2 today, how are the lines looking where you are?

Patrick Jordan

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8 thoughts on “8th in Line for iPad 2”

  1. Sounds like you’ve got a great spot. I hope I fair as well. My local retailers all went from saying they would sell them when they wanted, to quoting the Apple party line of 5 PM. I will be leaving for Fayetteville, AR around 1:30 today, so that was disappointing.

    We are planning on stopping in Conway, AR on the way for a snack, and hopefully, an iPad 2. They have a Target and Best Buy in the same shopping center right off the Interstate. I called both yesterday, and both said they would have the iPad 2 in stock. I am hoping to get to Best Buy by 4:30 so I can get a voucher for the one I want. I am thinking White 32GB WiFi. Which one are you getting Patrick?

    1. 64GB black for sure. 3G – likely sticking with AT&T but still pondering that last part, and have plenty of pondering time ahead of me.

  2. Started waiting at Best Buy @ 8am, but they made us wait outside (36 degrees F) so moved to local Walmart at 10:15, waiting inside now with about 3 others, second in line.

  3. I am really not a Steve Jobs fan right now. Missed out on an iPad. There probably weren’t more than 10 in this whole stupid town put together. Should have known better than to try and get one in Arkansas. Now I will probably be chasing one for a week or two with all the travel I have in front of me. Come on Apple! PREORDER NEXT TIME!!!! /rant

  4. I ended up finding some left at the Walmart in Russellville, AR. I was a little surprised they had so many and Conway so few. Conway is a nicer town, and is closer to Little Rock. Anyway, they had at least 3 left after I got mine, and I think they had more in the back. I ended up with a Black 16GB with Verizon 3G.

  5. I live in Alabama so getting an iPad 2 was impossible and dept stores had probably 5 iPad 2’s each so a big dissappointment that stores would actually carry in quantity. I’ll never believe the hope again for a future Apple device. Launch day is Apr 1 then I’ll consider that to be June 1.

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