Analyst Says iPad 2 Has 512MB of RAM

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Image Source: Engadget

From a report at Apple Insider today:

Though Apple has not officially disclosed how much RAM is found in the iPad 2, a Korean semiconductor analyst has claimed to know that the new A5 processor has 512MB of memory.

Responding to a query about the amount of RAM in the iPad 2, analyst Kakeun Lee claimed on Twitter (viaGoogle Translate) that the new iPad will double the amount of RAM in last year’s model.

If true, the inclusion of 512MB of RAM confirms reports that the iPad 2 would pack the same amount of memory as the iPhone 4. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of Concord Securities also told AppleInsider that the RAM in the iPad 2 would run at a higher clock speed of 1,066MHz for greater memory bandwidth than the 800MHz memory in the iPhone 4.

It’s a pain that Apple never talks about RAM for their new devices, and doesn’t even list it on the Tech Specs page for the iPad 2. We’ll likely have to wait until the guys at iFixit or others dissect an iPad 2 after launch to know for sure how much RAM it’s got. Until we do, I’m going to keep wishing for 1GB.

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