Are the iPad 2’s Opening Weekend Sales Going to Top the Original iPad?

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Image Source: Apple Insider

Launch weekend for the iPad 2 looks to be a big hit for Apple so far, with large lines at Apple stores all over the US, sellouts of many or all models at many stores, and online orders looking huge as well within hours of going live.

Here are just a few indicators of the rush for the iPad 2 from reports round the web so far this weekend:

— Lines at the flagship store on New York’s Fifth Avenue are said to have been as long as 1,200-2,000 people on launch day – the largest crowd that Philip Elmer-Dewitt of Fortune’s Apple 2.0 site has ever seen at the store.

— In San Francisco lines for the iPad 2 at Apple stores were longer than for the iPhone 4, and one of their stores in the city was out of stock within two hours of the iPad 2 going on sale.

— When online orders kicked off the shipping time for all iPad 2 models was two days. Within just a few hours that had moved back to 2-3 weeks. This morning it is already at 3-4 weeks.


— Reports from all around the country showed other retailers – Best Buy, Walmart, Target etc – selling out of their (much) smaller stocks extremely quickly. They also showed long lines at Apple stores all around the US. This Apple Insider report is just one of many on this, and has a good set of photos of various locations.

Some of the online and in-store sellouts could be due to short supplies on this initial weekend. If stocks were amped up and not that short, then this will have been a monster weekend for the iPad  2.

It’s going to be fascinating to see what the first day / first weekend numbers are, if and when Apple or others report them. My bet is that iPad 2 has beaten the first weekend figures for the original iPad.

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