Crazy iPad 2 Numbers: 500K – 1 Million Sold First Weekend

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Photo By: Philip Elmer-Dewitt

We’ve already seen a number of clear signs that the iPad 2 launch was a big success – including Apple’s online store shipping estimates changing from two days to 3-4 weeks in just a couple of days, and of course the long lines at Apple stores and other outlets all around the US on Friday.

Now there are also reports on analysts’ predictions on weekend / launch sales numbers for the iPad 2 – and they’re impressive even at the low end. Most I’ve seen – including this one at Fortune Tech – seem to fall in the 500,000 – 1 million range. That’s well ahead of the original iPad’s launch weekend, and would represent a great debut for the iPad 2 if these prove accurate.

It’s also interesting to see that an (admittedly small) survey done by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster and his team (based on walking the lines in New York and Minnesota and talking to buyers) says that 70% of iPad 2 buyers are new to the iPad. If that one proves to be even close to representative of iPad 2 buyers as a whole, that’s superb news for Apple and very bad news for other tablet manufacturers.

Hopefully Apple will let us know some concrete sales figures soon.

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