FaceTime on iPad 2 Is FaceTime At Its Best

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FaceTime on iPad 2

Yesterday I got my first chance to try out FaceTime on the iPad 2, and boy am I glad I did. This is what FaceTime was always meant to be like. From the day it came out with the iPhone 4 it never felt totally right on that smaller screen. When it came to the Mac later last year, that was cool because it added millions of additional users you could use it with, but I’ve hardly ever used it on the desktop – as I much prefer Skype.

On the iPad 2 though, it just feels right. Like this is why we were all surprised the original iPad didn’t have cameras. The screen size is big enough to really enjoy the experience.

The best thing about using FaceTime on the iPad, which I became aware of thanks to this excellent post by Larry Greenberg at RunaroundTech, is that you can set your iPad in a stand, free up your hands, and multitask while you’re talking to work colleagues (Kids – please don’t do this when talking to grandma who lives far away!). The screen is big enough that you can still see the person or people you’re speaking to from a decent distance.

Larry and I did a quick FaceTime call yesterday and it was great using the iPad 2 this way, sitting in a BookArc stand alongside my MacBook Pro.

Having said all that, I’m also very keen to see Skype on iPad 2 when it has video chat enabled. I expect it will continue to offer more.

Have you tried out FaceTime on the iPad 2 yet? If so, what do you think of it?

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9 thoughts on “FaceTime on iPad 2 Is FaceTime At Its Best”

  1. Hi

    Thanks for your site – I check it everyday.

    You don’t find the relative poor quality of the iPad 2 cameras compared to the iPhone 4 cameras detracting from the FaceTime quality do you?

    What is the lag like / if any?

    Thanks again


    1. Hi Zoe – glad to hear you visit every day and that’s a fine name you got there, my daughter’s name is also Zoe. :)

      I honestly didn’t find the low-quality cameras detracted from the FaceTime call at all. Larry and I looked great – or as great as possible given the state of our general looks – during the call.

      Lag was almost not noticeable at all.

  2. Great blog,I read it every day. FYI, Skype already works with IPad 2, I have been using it since I got the iPad 2. Guess video chat has always been enabled.

    1. Thanks for the kind words and love to hear you’re reading here every day. Yeah, Skype does work and does video chat, but it’s still an app designed for the iPhone. I’m keen to see an app from them that’s designed for the iPad.

  3. Hey Zoe. The cameras on the iPad are much better suited to video than audio. That was the tradeoff that apple made. They were chosen with Facetime in mind and to keep costs down. Motorola has already come out and admitted that a lot of the extra cost of the Xoom is from the higher quality cameras. What is the point of high end cameras on a 10″ tablet, though? Apple picked a good area to be conservative, in my humble opinion.

    Stills taken with iPad 2 will look awful, but video and FaceTime with either should be alright as long as the framerate is consistent.

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