Have You Got Your iPad 2 Wish List Together?

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OK, so it’s not like whatever we wish for the iPad 2 will magically come true next week when Apple unveils it. But … now that we know the unveiling is coming so soon, it’s the ideal time to start pondering all the recent rumors, ‘leaked’ mockups and case designs and so forth, and come up with a wish list for the iPad Dos.

Here’s a quick top of the head list of some of the main changes that now seem to be widely expected for the iPad 2:

— Slightly thinner and flatter

— Slightly lighter

— Cameras – at least one, likely two

— An upgraded (probably multi-core) processor

— An improved, larger speaker

— A better display, though probably still at the same screen resolution

— Possibly a mystery extra port.

And my quick thoughts / hopes in relation to those:

— I’m all for a little thinner, lighter iPad. I don’t find the current model terribly heavy, but a touch lighter would be nice.

— The cameras seem to me to be an absolute lock by now, and really we’ve known these were coming ever since iPad V 1 was launched.

— An upgraded processor sounds good, as does an enhanced display.

— I never see any mention of RAM in any of the rumors that have been flying round on iPad 2. I really want to see it at the very least doubled (to 512MB) and hopefully quadrupled to 1GB.

— I’m not too fussed about extra ports. I think future iOS changes can do more for file access and so forth than any additional port can.

— I also hope that whatever changes are made do not put a dent in the outstanding battery life.

How about you all? What’s your iPad 2 wish list?

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2 thoughts on “Have You Got Your iPad 2 Wish List Together?”

  1. I think it would be cool if the new iPad2 (and iPhone 5) had infrared. Talk about a Universal Remote killer!

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