iPad 2 Announcement Coming February 9th?

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Here’s one that almost is too easy to believe.  The original iPad had a 27 on the calendar app and was presented on January 27th.  The new iPad has a 9 so one would think that Apple’s presentation will be on February 9th (a Wednesday). 

That’s a slice from a brief post on this over at 9to5Mac. Not a huge thing to go on, but then again Apple do seem to have some repeated patterns in terms of handling of events and announcements.

All I know is I’m ready to hear about iPad 2 as soon as Apple’s ready to spill the beans, and ready to buy one yesterday. Smile

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3 thoughts on “iPad 2 Announcement Coming February 9th?”

  1. I still think February is way too early to present the next iPad, due out in April. iPad 1 sales would drop off like a cliff. I reckon it’ll be released April 10th, a Saturday…

    Now then, are we betting men? ;)

  2. I have an iPad. I’m selling my iPad. All I have to say is, even with dual cameras and a better display …hey better drop the price if the ones being leaked are correct… Starting at $599?! You can’t be serious….maybe $399, then I’ll think about getting one.

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