iPad 2 at Play: At the Top of an Active Volcano

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Thinner, lighter, faster, dual-core processor, front and back-facing cameras, and fully volcano-ready.

Which one doesn’t belong among a listing of iPad 2 specs? If you immediately said ‘volcano-ready’ you might want to hold off a bit, and take a look at Robert Evans’ article on his recent trip to Guatemala with his new iPad 2. The trip included both Robert and the iPad 2 hanging out at the top of an active volcano – Pacaya, which is over 8,000 feet high and is pictured above, erupting back in 1976.

Evans reckons it is the first iPad to set foot at the top of an active volcano, and I’d be surprised to see any arguments against that theory.

Here are just a couple of small slices from Evans’ article at the TechEye.net site:

Nothing in the Apple literature says that the iPad 2 is Volcano-Ready, but if "using photobooth on giant mountains filled with fire" doesn’t qualify as "magical", I don’t know what does.

Not only did the iPad 2 survive a long hike jammed into a backpack (naked) and being sat on (at least twice), it handled sitting inside a damp cloud all night like a champ. At one point, I even brought it into a geothermal cavern to mess with photobooth. The heat didn’t seem to bother it at all.

Evans also writes a lot about showing Garageband and Photo Booth to local youngsters in the village he stayed in, and how quickly they started enjoying the apps. The whole article is a great read – check it out here:


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