iPad 2 Comes with a SIM Ejector Tool

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The iPad 2 comes with a SIM Ejector Tool (i.e. a little paper clip type thingie used to access SIM card slots), right in its retail box. Apparently the original iPad did as well. I have to admit, I had never noticed this before today, and only did thanks to Chris Rawson’s post at TUAW comparing the two.

For those who, like me, never spotted this handy little tool – you can find it in the little booklet inside your iPad 2 box, the one that includes the iPad 2 product guide.

I don’t know about you, but I always struggle to find a paper clip to use if I need to mess with an iPad or iPhone SIM slot – so knowing that this tool is in the box (which I generally keep) is a big help for me.

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