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Engadget has posted some juicy details on the iPad 2, gained from sources they say have proved reliable in the past. Here’s a quick summary of what they’ve learned:

— It’s going to have a built-in SD card slot, in the location shown in the photo above. And no traditional USB slot.

— It should be released ‘around April’ – which has been the most likely scenario all along, as it would fit Apple’s yearly refresh cycle.

— It will be thinner, as we’ve been hearing every time a ‘leaked’ mockup or case surfaces

— It will boast a much better display:

… will sport a new screen technology that is akin to (though not the same as) the iPhone 4’s Retina Display and will be "super high resolution

— It will still be a 10 inch tablet (or 9.56 to be exact).

— Front and rear cameras will be included – again, not a shocker at all.

— And here’s a piece that ties in with the expectation that there will be a Verizon model of the iPad 2:

The new iPad will feature a dual GSM / CDMA chipset produced by Qualcomm and will mark Apple’s shift away from Infineon as its chipset maker to Qualcomm for all of its mobile devices. It’s not clear if the chipset being used will be based on the company’s EV-DO / HSPA Gobi variety or an entirely new design. Presumably, the strength of the new dual-mode chipset is that it will allow both Verizon and AT&T to offer the iPad simultaneously.

Overall, this is not a shocking list but it’s good to see some of these things confirmed. I think most users would prefer to see a USB port over an SD card slot, and I’d still like to hear more about the processor and RAM specs for the next gen iPad.

In the meantime, you can get lots more detail – and some similarly good info on iPhone 5 and the next model of Apple TV – at Engadget’s article here:


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One thought on “iPad 2 Details from Engadget”

  1. All of these seem to fit right into Apple’s MO except for one. I would completely expect Apple to come out with the new iPad one year after the first, to put in dual facing cams (which we all wanted in the first, and know they held out on on purpose so we would all be the second) and improved display. The only thing I don’t see is the SD slot. Apple doesnt want any extraneous input they can’t control (they have complete control over their pin connector). They also like their products to be completely clean – Jobs doesn’t even want a home button on the iOS devices if he could help it.

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