iPad 2 First Impressions from The WSJ’s Walt Mossberg

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All Things Digital has posted a set of three videos where Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal’s revered personal technology columnist, shares his first impressions on the iPad 2.

Here are a few of his comments that caught my eye:

They probably have done enough to stay ahead. They’re not going to have 90% market share like they did last year, because there’s going to be 80 more tablets …

And I think making it thinner than the iPhone is really impressive.

I thought it was really interesting that they took a lot of time to show content creation on this … because they’re not happy with journalists and analysts saying these things are only good for content consumption.

He also thinks it’s ‘huge’ that they’ve been able to keep their prices the same for the iPad 2.

You can check out the video interviews here: http://mossblog.allthingsd.com/20110303/first-impressions-of-ipad-2/

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