iPad 2 Hands-on Video – 27 inch screen, Bieber Self-destruct Mechanism, More

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Oh my. Looks like all the thinner, flatter iPad 2 rumors were way off. Two Norwegian reviewers – Eskild E. Fors and Anders Overgaard – have revealed that the new model has instead got bigger. Like, humungous style bigger. It’s 27 inches of tablet-y bigness, and it packs some unexpected new killer features, such as …

— Adding photo effects automatically via voice command. Mustache!

— Automatically downloads good music and removes bad music. Even has a self-destruct mechanism if it finds any Justin Bieber music.

— iFoodTray and iShotgun (pump action!)

The video also provides great demos of a phone call with the Skype app and the new high quality camera at work.

Good to see all the wild iPad 2 rumors put to bed and finally see the real deal. Smile Comon Apple give us a release date for this baby.

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