iPad 2 Jailbreak Still Under Development

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If you’re waiting on a jailbreak for the iPad 2, you may like to know that there is one that’s still under development, and that talk about it is minimal because a recent exploit for it was patched by Apple before it could even be used.

The Dev Team shared this information in their recent blog post on the latest release of the Redsn0w and Pwnage Tool jailbreaks for all other iOS devices that support iOS 4.3.3.

There were no details offered on when and iPad 2 jailbreak release is expected, and given the hush-hush approach it’s not likely we’ll hear much until a release is ready to go.

I’m still fond of jailbreaking my iPhone, but honestly don’t feel tempted much at all to jailbreak the iPad 2. The only reason I can think of that attracts me a bit is that there is an jailbreak app that can do wireless mirroring of the iPad. That’s an awesome capability and one that I wish Apple give us an app for, or allow a 3rd party to offer one in the App Store.

How about you guys / gals? Are you keen to jailbreak your iPad 2?

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3 thoughts on “iPad 2 Jailbreak Still Under Development”

  1. One thing still draws me in. I love emulators, and they are much more practical on the big screen.

    1. Yeah I could see that being a draw if you’re into those. They were always a big part of the early iPhone jailbreak scene.

  2. I once was heavy into jailbreaking my iPhone and kept up with all the news. I’ve always owned and jailbroke every iPhone since it’s release, UNTIL august of 2010 when I finally got my first iPad. Since then I haven’t had an iPhone and I haven’t been too concerned with jailbreaking my iPad.

    Guess it’s just not as useful on the pad as it was on the phone to me

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