iPad 2 – On Sale March 11, No Pre-orders or Reservations This Year?

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The iPad 2 will be available to order and to buy in Apple retail outlets on Friday March 11th. This is earlier than its expected April launch (to match last year’s release) though not quite the magical ‘Get It Today’ some of us had built our hopes up for.

Two odd things about the release, at least from what we know so far:

— No pre-orders or reservations for pickup at a local Apple store are available. Online ordering on Apple’s page just says you can order starting on March 11th.

— Apple retail stores are set to start selling the iPad 2 at 5:00 PM on March 11. What the …? So no camping out the night before to be well-placed in the line by 7:00AM I guess. It’s going to be much harder to gauge what time you may need to show up at a local store in order to not wait ages once 5 o’clock hits.

Oh, and no mention as yet on whether Best Buy, AT&T, Verizon, and other outlets will have iPad 2 on sale on the 11th.

I hope we may see some updates on this in the next few days. I would especially like to be able to reserve an iPad 2 to pickup at my local Apple store – as I did last year with the original iPad.

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8 thoughts on “iPad 2 – On Sale March 11, No Pre-orders or Reservations This Year?”

  1. This sucks. Friday morning would have been ok, but fFriday at 5 PM makes absolutely no sense. And what the heck is up with Apple and no pre-orders this time? Maybe they got pissed off that some people got their iPhone 4s a day early last year.

    Guess I won’t have an iPad 2 until at least Monday, probably later. My son has Taekwondo testing Friday afternoon, and we are leaving town the next day. Even if I pre-order and have it shipped to my Mother-In-Law’s house in Fayetteville, there’s no way Apple is going to provide free weekend overnight shipping.

    Apple really nailed the iPhone 4 and original iPad releases, but I am pretty disappointed with this.

    1. I agree. This is much less attractive all the way around. No pre-orders for those who prefer that method. No reserving at a local store, which was a superb way for me to do it with the V1 iPad, as I’ve got an Apple store just 5 miles away.

      And the 5PM thing also seems crazy. If the lines are even near as long as last year, there are going to be a lot of people waiting until late at night.

  2. They want to see lines again. You can’t blame ’em.

    On a happier note – it IS possible to pre-order in Austria via McShark, by paying down € 100 on a unit – you’re guaranteed to come and get it on D-day.

  3. iPad 3G was released at 5PM, I was 3rd or 4th in line and only had to wait about 40 mins. Of course that was weeks after the initial launch. Still it wasn’t convenient. Apple has never been very customer-centric. If there was an alternative product line that worked as well I would have abandoned Apple long ago. They are one of the best examples why competition is good for consumers.

    Not really a complaint, just an observation. Can’t wait until 3/11 :)

    1. @goodbyepotato – Thanks for commenting. I hadn’t remembered that the 3G model was released at 5PM. I’m with you on the ‘can’t wait’ front. :)

  4. I am in Brazil and going to NY next week. I would like to make a reservation to buy my Ipad 2 at the Fifth Av. store. Do you believe that will be allowed to make reservations?

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