iPad 2 Rumors Roundup

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Image Source: 9to5Mac

The iPad 2 will be unveiled at Apple’s special media event this coming Wednesday, March 2nd. iPad 2 rumors have been swirling round the web for months now, and of course leading up the announcement event some of the rumors are falling by the wayside and some are gaining momentum, looking more and more probable.

Here’s a quick roundup of some of the most prominent iPad 2 rumors:

More of an iPad 1.5

There seems to be a growing sense that the iPad 2 will feel more like an iPad 1.5, with just incremental improvements. Tis speculation is often linked to guesses that we’ll see another, more exciting, new iPad release in the Fall / Winter of this year – an iPad Pro or iPad HD (with a full retina display) that is not so much an update but another option in the iPad line.

Faster, more powerful

Apple Insider’s latest summary of expected speed/power improvements:

Apple A5 chip based around a Cortex-A9 dual core processor. This chip is said to deliver a better balance between computing power and power consumption than existing models. Similarly, the new models are also expected to pack ultrafast, dual core SGX543 graphics on the order of two to three times faster than the chip in the current iPad, a faster memory (1,066 MHz) clock, and a doubling of on-board RAM to 512MB.

These sound mostly good, but I’d really like to see the RAM bumped up to 1GB as long as it doesn’t put a big dent in battery life.

Other Details / Features

Slightly thinner, lighter, flatter.

Cameras – at least one (front facing) and likely two.

An improved display, but the same resolution

New “anti-reflection” technology to deliver a better experience in bright sunlight.

An improved speaker

A new mystery port – SD or …

Three model classes

WiFi only, 3G GSM/UMTS for AT&T and other international GSM carriers, and 3G CDMA/EVDO for Verizon and international CDMA carriers.

Or … as 9to5Mac speculates, a new chipset that allows both GSM and CDMA connectivity for one model and the an additional LTE/4G model

One “Out There’ Entry

A carbon fiber body

These are the main ones that have caught my eye – though I may well have forgotten a few, as there are just so many around of late.

What do you all think? Which are you betting on? Which are you not buying?

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3 thoughts on “iPad 2 Rumors Roundup”

  1. I know that’s right! For me, the biggest pluses would be increased processor speeds and if possible (and I know this is asking for a lot), but MORE WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY. How about Wireless USB? Or Wireless Thunderbolt (if that is possible). It’s physically impossible to add actual ports so wireless is a must! Sam – http://www.givemeapps.com

  2. My biggest disappointment is it seems Apple is moving away from the intended nature of the device, that being a souped up e-reader.

    I bought the ipad 1 because I wanted a device that could glide through full-color 20-30 meg PDF’s with a screen close to 8.5×11 size. The only comparison was the Kindle DX which was 400 dollars, black and white and not suited for high-meg documents. To me it was a no-brainer, $400 for a kindle or $500 for an iPad that could also surf the web, play music and run apps.

    I wish Apple would focus more of their efforts on bringing more content to the device like subscription magazine and paper services, what good is an ereader if I have nothing to read on it?

    1. Sorry, but how do you come to the idea that the ‘intended nature’ of the device was to be a souped-up e-reader?

      That is a million miles away from Apple’s vision of the iPad. This is a device that offers so, so much more than that. It was never intended to be an e-reader of any kind – the ability to read newspapers, magazines, books on it is just one of many powerful features.

      And I do think you’ll see an ever-expanding range of content of all types for the iPad.

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