iPad 2 Shipping Dates Slip Back Farther

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Wow. Latest shipping times at Apple’s online store this morning for all iPad 2 models are at 4-5 weeks. Apple Insider reports that demand for the new model is ‘crushing’:

Yet another delay comes as stock of the iPad 2 around the U.S. is believed to be entirely sold out at all locations, including Apple’s retail stores and partners. Some select Apple stores with new shipments of the iPad 2 are set to open early today, while many other stores await more stock in the face of crushing demand.

I’m sure I read lots of reports in the months leading up to the iPad 2 launch about how Apple was ramping up production well in advance of the release. So what happened with that? Either the ramping up never got very revved up or if it did and we’re still seeing these sellouts then there must some enormous sales numbers. I’m going to guess it’s more of the former – though it does seem crazy that Apple would let this occur again, as it did with the original iPad.

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2 thoughts on “iPad 2 Shipping Dates Slip Back Farther”

  1. So, I’m waiting, less patiently than I’d hoped to be, for a chance to buy one in Austin. I waited in vain Sunday at the popup store downtown, to learn they only had 64 gig models left. Swung by in traffic once more yesterday, and shouted out “Any 16’s?” Quick head shake from the store staff, and I drove on. Heard anything more about availability locally?

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