iPad 2’s Cameras Same as Latest iPod Touch?

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iPad 2 camera

9to5Mac have been doing some serious digging around in the latest iOS SDK, and they continue to find some solid evidence of iPad 2 features and hardware specs. One of the latest is details on the front and rear camera specs for the iPad 2, which look very much like what the 4th gen iPod Touch has – with a VGA front-facing camera and low-res rear-facing camera:

We’ve done some digging in the latest SDK and it looks like Apple’s much rumored second-generation iPad will not feature some fancy 5 megapixel camera, but will instead shoot your flicks and take your pics with something close to a 1 megapixels. That’s awfully close to the fourth-generation iPod touch’s 0.7 megapixel back camera so we speculate they could be the same thing. That means you’ll be able to take some unwieldy 720P video with your iPad (whether you’ll be able to view that 720P video natively is another question).

As for the front, it’s VGA, just like the iPhone 4 and fourth-generation iPod touch. The front-facer for FaceTime and taking pictures of yourself will do video recording too, if you had any doubts.

I know some will find plenty to gripe about with the low-res rear camera, but I honestly don’t feel fussed about it. Like many, I cannot see wanting to do a lot of photo or video taking with the iPad – I’d use the front camera for FaceTime and video chat in general far more than a rear camera. Speculation has been that the back camera is there primarily for augmented reality apps, and I’ve no idea how much they’re affected by the camera’s resolution (I would take a wild guess that it’s not very much).

What do you all think of these predicted camera specs for the iPad 2? Happy? Disappointed? Not bothered?

News Via: 9to5Mac

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4 thoughts on “iPad 2’s Cameras Same as Latest iPod Touch?”

  1. Personally, and it’s just my opinion, but a camera other than one for FaceTime is pointless. I would never use an iPad to take photos or videos. Imagine holding that thing up in public to do so? Oh, the humanity….

  2. Good points all. Love the ‘oh the humanity’ line Brett.

    I agree that a rear camera will be very rarely used as a traditional camera, but may well have some other very good uses.

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