iPad, Smart Cover Automatic Sleep/Wake, and Password Lock

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Ivan asked a great question in the comments on my recent post with my thoughts about the iPad 2 Smart Cover – here’s that question:

All I want to know is this, with the Smart Cover on, and smart cover support, if I have a password set on my iPad, when one opens the Smart Cover, the iPad will STILL ask for my password, correct?

And the answer is: Yes, that is absolutely correct.

The smart cover’s automatic sleep/wake functionality does not bypass the passcode lock feature for the iPad 2. If you have turned on Passcode Lock in Settings then you will be prompted to enter your password just as always when the smart cover wakes the iPad 2.

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6 thoughts on “iPad, Smart Cover Automatic Sleep/Wake, and Password Lock”

  1. But I have a problem guys.. I can’t create a password! i did created one.. but everytime i open the cover.. it easy open the iPad! .. I need to look the iPad, so it doesn’t function unless i enter the password!

    any help please?

    Thanks in advance

    1. You just need to make sure that the setting just below Passcode Lock – ‘iPad Cover Lock/Unlock’ is set to ON. Then you’ll be prompted for your password each time you open the smart cover.

  2. I enter password in alphabet on ipad 2 but now when I open I pad it’s comming in number so please help me.

  3. Can anyone can answer why iPad cover lock/ unlock setting can’t be found in iPad 2 version 5.1 ?

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