Jailbreak for iPad 2 Coming Soon?

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The tweet above from @p0sixninja, a Chronic Dev Team member, seems to indicate that a jailbreak for the iPad 2 may be coming quite soon.

My levels of temptation to jailbreak my iOS devices have varied wildly in the past – as new iOS updates have brought many of the features I used to jailbreak for in the past. I’ve had a very on again / off again sort of relationship with jailbreak on my iPhones – my iPhone 4 is currently jailbroken, but had been stock for a good while up until about 6 weeks ago.

On the iPad, I have had far less desire to jailbreak it. I had my original iPad jailbroken for a good stretch, but once iOS 4.2 with multitasking and folders came along, I was back to stock and really haven’t felt at all tempted since. The iPad 2 is speed merchant and a stellar device right out of the box. I really feel just about zero urge to jailbreak it just now.

How about you all? Are you chomping at the bit to jailbreak your iPad 2?


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