John Gruber’s Not Buying the iPad 2 Doubled Screen Resolution Rumors

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There have been lots of rumors flying around just lately about the next-gen iPad 2 having a much higher screen resolution, many of them indicating it would be doubled up to 2048X1536.

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber says he’s not convinced – and in fact would bet heavily against the iPad 2’s display boasting a much higher screen resolution. And he’s got several solid reasons for his skepticism, including word from his own insider sources and also these (the first one is in response to recent reports at Engadget indicating the resolution might not double up, but would be much higher than the current iPad):

The math on increasing the pixel density for iOS touchscreen devices is such that it only works out perfectly if the resolution doubles, like when the iPhone and iPod Touch went from 480 × 320 to 960 × 640. Trust me, it’s double or nothing.

A 2048 × 1536 iPad display would seemingly be cost prohibitive today. Not just for the display itself, but for the RAM. The current iPad has 256 MB of RAM, which is shared between the CPU and GPU. I don’t think 512 MB of RAM would be enough for an iPad with a 2048 × 1536 display.1 That’s almost as many total pixels as on a 27-inch Cinema Display (resolution: 2560 × 1440).

Gruber does say that the iPad 2’s display may be improved in other ways, but that his sources …

are pretty sure that it’s not 2048 × 1536 or any other “super high resolution”

For lots more detail, see the full Daring Fireball post here:

I’m not too fussed if the iPad 2 keeps the current screen resolution. I think the display is already superb, and I’m more looking forward to big upgrades in processor and RAM specs, along with some of the other enhancements we believe are coming with iPad 2.

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