My Quick Wish List for iPad 2

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Is it too early to start talking about the next iPad model? I’m hoping not, especially as I’ve already seen a few posts on this topic round the web. And we’re really not that far away now from when we would expect to see an announcement of the new model by Apple – i.e in January.

I know lots of people will be hoping for huge, dramatic changes to the magical tablet, but I’m more than happy with what the iPad is right now, and will be quite content if we see only incremental changes and enhancements in the iPad Dos – and I’d be fine if they want to go with that as the name as well. Smile

Here are my very quick, early days thoughts on what I would and would not like to see in the next iPad model:

— I would prefer no major size changes for this second generation – so cases, stands etc still work with new one.

— I do want to see a few additions and upgrades, such as:

— Lots more RAM – at least 512 and hopefully 1GB – but without taking away from battery life. Not sure how viable this is given the whopping size of the iPad’s existing battery, but hoping that Apple can work some further magic in this area. 

— As much, or even better, battery life.

— A processor upgrade, even if just incremental.

— Cameras – and FaceTime support. An obvious one, and a very likely bet I think.

— An Orientation lock hardware button – this button has been re-purposed / kidnapped in iOS 4.2 (turned into a mute switch) and I’d like to have it back.

Honestly, that’s about it for me for now, in terms of hardware / spec upgrades. There are a number of other enhancements I’d like to see on the software / OS side of things, but I’ll wait for at least the public release of the big new iOS 4.2 update before I start hitting on what it lacks.

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7 thoughts on “My Quick Wish List for iPad 2”

    1. I am 100% sure that you are correct. Doh! I knew I'd forget something major when whipping up this quick list. :)

  1. Looks like a good list to me…. I would also love to see a retina display on the next iPad. I'm not sure how viable that is at that size/cost, but it would be a pretty amazing display if they are able to pull it off.

  2. I'm hoping the next iPad weighs a little less than the current 3G model. Other than that, you nailed it with the RAM and camera (only want a front camera as I do not ever see myself holding up my iPad trying to take pictures with it like we do our phones). A front camera though would be awesome for video calls/chats.

    After seeing the iPhone retina display, I hope Apple improves the display on the iPad. I've read some articles claiming that it is impossible to get the retina graphics on a screen the size of the iPad's. We'll see, but I'm hoping Apple can come up with something just as amazing.

    Very happy with my current iPad. I just wish iOS4.2 would be released already. I don't understand why it has taken Apple 5 additional months to bring iOS 4 to the iPad (the iPhone 4 has had it since June). This is especially baffling when the OS is very similar and Steve Jobs himself claimed that developers simply could redo their iPhone apps and make them iPad specific in just a "half day" worth of work. If it is truly that simply to make your iPhone app iPad specific, then the OS can't differ much between the phone and the iPad. All I can say is that OS4.2 had better be perfect.

    1. Cool, I definitely wouldn't vote against a little less weight. On the cameras, I'd like to have front and back A) because I think it's required to support FaceTime and B) because it's awesome being able to swap to the back camera and show what your kids / dogs / cats are up to, or just anything going on in the environment around you. I know it's relatively heavy to use like that, but I'd still like the option.

  3. Nice list, and like the addition of the retina display.

    Most importantly, +1 on the hardware orientation lock. As a bus user and child wrangler, it's important to be able to quickly constrain or unconstrain orientation. I don't think that it needs another switch though – simply make the current switch assignable in Settings.

    I won't be upgrading to 4.2 in a rush for this reason.

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