New iPad 2 more than “magical”, now “amazing”!

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This was how Apple summed up today’s announcement:

“So iPad 2 — amazing product. Faster, lighter, thinner. Cameras and gyro. iOS 4.3 and FaceTime. iMovie and GarageBand. 3G on AT&T and Verizon. Same battery life. Same prices. Black and white. Smart Covers.”

Just a few sentences, deceptively understated. So yes, today was about iPad 2. And yes this year will probably be the year of the iPad 2. Black and white models shipping with a new version of iOS 4.3 on March 11, March 25th for 26 additional countries.

So in case you missed the hectic liveblogging, Apple just announced its 2nd iteration of the iPad.

Here are a few key links for your perusal:

iPad 2’s accessories page: where you can read up on Smart Covers and HDMI

iPad 2’s Specs page: all the stats in one place

See what’s new in iOS4.3

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For me, it was a done deal before Steve Jobs even opened his mouth. No matter what he said today, I had already decided to buy the new iPad since losing my baby to a dishonest restaurant patron. Still, I must admit that among the interesting new features announced today, I’m most excited about Garageband, Facetime and Smart Covers (microfiber is the key magical word here).

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And thank you Apple. For giving us the choice to use the switch to mute or lock the rotation.

I can’t wait to hold it in my hands. How about you dear readers? Did Steve convince you?

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3 thoughts on “New iPad 2 more than “magical”, now “amazing”!”

  1. Im glad they are improving the speed and graphics with out changing the display. I was worried that it would change because Im a developer. Its already a pain going between the different iphones and the pad, Im glad its the same.

  2. Yes, Steve totally convinced me.

    I will be buying this device on 25th March release date, and I really cannot wait! I have the original iPad and that device is incredible; imagine thow the iPad 2nd Generation will be, 1/3rd the size, and weighs less, 2 built-in cameras and gyro. It just looks fantastic. I really can’t wait to get my hands on one of those Smart Covers too – wow! Love the way they auto-align and they look incredible. Just $39 too!

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