Nice Looking Leather Case for iPad 2 Confirms Skinnier New Model?

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Leather case for iPad 2

A website called M.I.C. Gadget claims to have got hold of a (quite nice looking) leather case for the iPad 2 – and that they’ve been testing it with an actual iPad 2, as 9to5Mac reports:

M.I.C. Gadget has gotten their hands on a leather iPad 2 case that has reportedly been testing against an actual iPad 2, not a mold, mockup, or prototype. Above is a video of their hands-on with the case. The case is not only the first upscale, leather one we have seen but does present a couple new pieces of information about the iPad 2′s design. The camera hole present on this new case not only reaffirms our SDK findings that the iPad 2 will include a back camera, but does show the lens to be roughly the same size as the iPhone 4′s. This does not really mean the iPad 2 will have the same camera as the iPhone 4, though.

Even more interesting, this new case shows that the iPad 2 could potentially have a slightly smaller design. This goes well with our iPad 2 screen protectors that show a slightly narrower design for the device. This case also reaffirms what we have heard about the iPad 2′s design thus far. It shows tapered edges, a flat back, and space for what many have determined as a larger speaker grill.

The report also says that 120,000 of these cases have been shipped to the US for sale by a ‘famous case company’.

The case does look good, and we are getting into the sort of timeframe (in terms of when we should see an Apple announcement of iPad 2) where some of the big accessory vendors likely do have final specs to be working with for the iPad 2 – as many of them have cases available as soon as any hot new iDevice hits the market.

Hopefully the iPad 2 announcement is not too far off; in the meantime the rumored design changes for the next gen model are looking good to me.

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  1. Sorry – these pics were from a rumored early view of an iPad 2. The originating article only says the cases had been ordered by a major US-based case manufacturer. The manufacturer is not named.

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