Quick Notes on the New iPad 2 Jailbreak

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I ran the new jailbreakme.com jailbreak on my iPad 2 a couple days ago. It had been a long time for me since I’d last run a jailbreak on one of my iPads, though I’ve had my iPhone 4 jailbroken for some time now.

Of course this is my first jailbreak of the iPad 2 as it has only recently become jailbreakable thanks to the efforts of @comex and others. If you’re feeling grateful to comex for the iPad 2 jailbreak, you can support him with a Paypal donation here: http://www.jailbreakme.com//#donate

If I was summing up my new iPad 2 jailbreak experience two days in I’d say mostly so far, so good – though I have come across a couple of issues, one known and apparently being addressed and one I’ve not heard others mention as yet.

Here’s a few quick notes on my iPad 2 jailbreak experience so far:

— The jailbreakme.com jailbreak is super fast. It took under 20 seconds for me.

— I was (pleasantly) surprised to see that Cydia did not require an iPad restart on first launch or after doing its own initial updates. It did require one right after installing my first Cydia app though.

— The first app I installed was an old stalwart and favorite – SBSettings. It’s working like a charm (as always) on my iPad 2. My second install was PDF Patcher 2, to patch the security hole used by the new jailbreakme 3.0

— So far, I have seen no stability issues since applying the jailbreak. And no battery drain issues. And no apps compatibility issues – and I’ve run quite a lot of apps since jailbreaking, frequently used ones and many that I’m currently assessing for review. AirPlay and wireless sync work fine in every app I’ve tried them in as well.

— One of the issues I’ve seen is that my Camera Connection Kit no longer works since the jailbreak. When I connect my iPhone with the kit there is no response at all from the iPad 2. This one is a known issue and there is apparently an update coming (or already out) to fix this.

— The second issue I’ve seen is that Google authorization no longer works within the Cydia payments system for me. It continually rejects my login credentials as not valid – though I know they are and currently login with them to Gmail, Google Reader, Google+ and more. This has always worked before for me, across many generations of jailbreak and many different devices. This is a real nuisance as it means Cydia no longer recognizes past app purchases. So I have had to pay again to re-purchase Ryan Petrich’s excellent DisplayOut app. Mutlifl0w was going to be one of my next installs, but I’m not keen to pay $5 that I have already paid for the app. I’ve sent @saurik a Twitter message about this issue and hope I’ll hear something on it soon.

That’s about it for my early notes on the new iPad 2 jailbreak. What’s your experience with it so far?

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8 thoughts on “Quick Notes on the New iPad 2 Jailbreak”

  1. Patrick, I too couldn’t wait for the JB, just for a few basic tweaks like SBSettings and Action Menu and SwitcherPlus. But I’m pretty sure that my iPad 2 has been suffering faster battery drain. It’s hard to pin down exactly… when it’s off, it barely loses a trickle life before. But in regular use, it seems to drain a % almost as fast as my iPhone 3GS (also jailbroken). How many hours do you get between 100% and when you have to recharge it? I would easily get 3-4 days… now it seems like 2. Hard to tell if it’s my imagination or reality!

    1. Hi Dustin. I haven’t measured battery life from 100% down to recharge yet, I’ve just used the iPad 2 as normal – which is heavy usage every day and night. I’m still getting two days easy and likely more, but I generally charge it up again whenever it’s at my desk (which is almost always) and it goes below around 30%.

      So far, it really doesn’t feel like it’s draining faster, but I’ll try to make some better notes next time I juice it up to 100.

    2. Hey Dustin – I still don’t have a proper measure from 100 down to near zero. But I can tell you I last charged my iPad 2 on Sunday early afternoon and right now it’s sitting at 46%. And I’ve used it pretty heavily Sunday, Sunday night, and Monday and Monday night, and a fair bit today.

  2. The jailbreak went very well for me. I haven’t tried the camera connection kit yet but my Google Authentication in Cydia worked just fine. I was able to see all of my previous purchases without a problem.

  3. If I install PDF security patcher, will I have problem with the next jailbreak update since the PDF exploit no longer possible ?

    1. Apple has already announced that they will be patching the exploit in an update coming soon – so the jailbreak is going to require updating anyway. So using PDF Patcher 2 is only providing you protection against more malicious uses of the exploit.

  4. I just jailbroke my iPad 2 + 3G a couple days ago with jailbreakme.com and that’s the main thing that I’ve noticed. The battery seems to be draining a whole lot faster. I’m a heavy user and that was one thing that really bothered me about carrying a laptop around; short battery life. I’m not so sure that I’m going to be keeping it “broken” if in fact the battery is draining faster. I’m keeping a close eye on it.

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