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I’ve seen and used a number of good iPad and iPad 2 cases. Some are slim and sleek, some are a little less so but offer strong, full protection. What I hadn’t yet seen prior to this week is an iPad case that is 100% unique, a one of a kind like the iPad Book Case I received from the kind folks at ReAuthored.

It’s called a Book Case, and is a real one-of-a-kind case, because it is actually a genuine recycled book. Mine is portfolio of cartoons from the Wall Street Journal published in 1972. These cases are also custom, handcrafted efforts made here in the USA – another nice attribute right off the bat. I’ve been using mine with my iPad 2 all week and of course I’ve got some thoughts and photos to share …



The iPad Book Case is made to look like a handsome old book. Mine has got a sort of tapestry pattern done on Jaquard as you can see above.

The recycled book has its first 40 pages and inside front cover intact, then a custom-cut hollowed out section to hold the iPad, and 40 pages after the iPad cutout.

My case was customized to fit mine with its iPad 2 Smart Cover still on it, and it does so nicely.



— I have to say, for starters I just like the concept of ReAuthored cases. Recycling old books and repurposing them this way is just a cool thing to be doing.

— The case is great looking. It really looks like an elegantly bound old coffee table book.

— My iPad 2 fits very nicely and snuggly in the hollowed out section of the case. I think it’s great that ReAuthored offered to customize it to fit the iPad 2 with its smart cover on, as they had noted that I’m a huge fan of the smart cover.

— The case is relatively light, so carrying the iPad in it is quite comfortable.

— These cases can be made for the original iPad and the iPad 2.

— If you’re out at a coffee shop or somewhere similar with the iPad on this case and you happen to forget it on a table, it’s a lot less likely that someone will think to steal what looks like an old book than if you had it in a more standard iPad case.



— My case initially came with an elastic strap to secure the iPad 2 inside it. I wasn’t fond of it, as there was no easy way to tuck it out of the way when the case is open. Luckily it was quite easy to take it off without leaving any noticeable mark on the case.

— For me, this is not a great case for having on when you want to work on the iPad, largely because you can’t fold the front cover back and out of the way. I think of it more as a ‘transport’ case, a case for getting the iPad 2 from A to B in style, with a little bit of theft-deterrent built in.

— One improvement I’d love to see is the addition of a small pull tab in the hollowed out section, just to make it a little easier to remove the iPad quickly.


The ReAuthored iPad Book Case is a truly unique, one-of-a-kind case for the iPad. It’s an extremely handsome case too. It’s a great way to recycle and re-use old books.

These go for $39 and you can see more details and place an order at the ReAuthored page for them here:

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  1. Thank you so much Patrick! JC & I really appreciate it and it makes us happy to know that you like your case!! For anyone interested in our cases… we are experimenting with adding the pull tab and notch that were lacking on our previous cases and would be more than happy to add them on any orders moving forward. We love customization and welcome any questions/requests anyone may have at [email protected]. Don’t be shy!

  2. The iPad has replaced physical books for me but this case allows me the feel of still reading a book!

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