Review: STM Skinny Folio Case and Smart Cover for iPad 2

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STM Skinny Folio Case and Smart Cover for iPad 2

The STM Skinny is a slim, folio style case for the iPad 2, with support for the smart cover automatic sleep/wake feature. I’ve talked before about how the smart cover tech, and specifically the automatic sleep/wake feature, have become a must-have for me on iPad 2 cases – and this one meets that criteria. 

I ordered one of these via Radtech after seeing it mentioned by a reader, and have had it for a couple of weeks now. The short story is that this is not a favorite iPad 2 case for me. For more on why, hit the break …



This is a fabric-covered hardshell case that is quite light. It’s got a 160 gram frame and is just 2 millimeters thick.

It’s available in four colors – black, mushroom, sage, and berry. I thought I had ordered black, but I mistakenly ordered the mushroom / brown model.

Here’s its feature listing at the Radtech site:

Durable and water resistant components and fabrics fully protect your digital investment
Segmented front cover automatically wakes and sleeps the iPad as its opened and closed
Slim and lightweight construction provides a comfortable, easy to carry package
Hard shell rear section is soft lined to provide enhanced protection from scratches, bumps and drops
Affords full, unrestricted access to all ports, buttons, controls, cameras and speaker
Segmented front cover transforms into a multi-position stand for easy keyboarding or viewing
Complete protection for iPad 2 and backed by STM’s hassle-free lifetime warranty


— The STM Skinny is a very light and slimline case, that adds very little weight or bulk to the iPad 2.

— It’s relatively easy to get the iPad 2 in and out of the case.

— The automatic sleep/wake feature works well.


— The material used does not feel good when you’re holding the iPad 2 in the case. It looks and feels like low-quality material. This is definitely not the sort of smart looking case you’re going to want to take into a business meeting.

— It has a loop closure to secure the iPad 2 that is awkward to use and just tends to get in the way when using the case. I’m never fond of loop closures like this on cases, but this one is also pretty tough to use, as it fits quite tightly into the back pocket for it.


— The case leaves quite a lot of the bottom of the iPad 2 exposed.


— The material used on the case picks up dirt and specks quite easily, and noticeably.

— It’s supposed to double as a stand as most folio style cases do, but it only has one very flat typing position that feels at all usable, and even that one is not hugely comfortable to work with.


This is not a terrible case, but for me (as you can see above) its disadvantages easily outnumber its advantages. I’ve seen plenty of inexpensive cases that look and feel like high quality – this one just feels cheap.

It is relatively inexpensive – at $39.99 – though its looks and functionality don’t stand up well even at that price.

You can find the STM Skinny for iPad 2 via several places online, including Amazon. As mentioned above, I got mine via Radtech – and you can visit their page for it to see more detail and place an order:

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