Target Will Be Selling iPad 2 on Launch Day

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The list of retail outlets where you’ll be able to buy an iPad 2 on launch day this Friday (3/11) is growing. Target is the latest major retail chain to announce they’ll be selling the iPad 2 as of 5:00 PM on the 11th.

Target also offer a trade-in program for first-gen iPads (and many other electronic devices) online in partnership with At the Nextworth site you can get a trade-in estimate for you iPad in just a few clicks, providing just Yes or No answers on the condition of your device. I ran through it quickly for my 64GB WiFi + 3G model and got an offer of $390. Likely less than I could get though a private sale or via eBay or Craigslist, but not bad as an option if you want to avoid the hassle of selling via those methods.

UPDATE: I ran the Nextworth estimate form a couple more times after seeing jhanlon’s comment below. The estimate I get now is $275.42 for my near mint condition iPad. That really is quite low compared to what could likely be obtained via other selling methods.

Your trade-in amount is applied to a Target gift card, which could of course then be applied towards an iPad 2 purchase. The Nextworth site lets you enter your town or zip code to check on whether your local Target store is part of the trade-in program. Check it out here if you’re interested in looking at this option:

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4 thoughts on “Target Will Be Selling iPad 2 on Launch Day”

  1. How did you get $390 quote? New in box now gives $350 and my completely working with “light” wear only gives a value of $275.42.

    1. That’s very odd. I just did it again – same model, same answers / details – and got $275.42. It showed me $390 a little earlier today. No idea why – but I guess the current result is the more realistic one.

  2. Have either of you tried Gazelle? Getting a much higher resale on the model you describe ($387), even checking light wear and tear.

    1. I’m aware of them, but hadn’t priced my iPad with them in a while. Just did so now, and got an estimate of $385.

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