The More iPad 2 Cases I Use, the More I Love the Smart Cover

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When I first started using Apple’s smart cover for the iPad 2, I wasn’t too fond of it. As I used it a bit more I found that I had very mixed feelings about it – there were things I loved about it (like the automatic sleep/wake feature), and some things that really bugged me about it as well (like its lack of full protection).

Given my mixed feelings about the smart cover, and the fact that I loved its automatic sleep/wake functionality with the iPad 2, I thought that the best solution was to look for a full-protection case with support for the smart cover tech.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve used three cases that offer just that (full protection plus smart cover tech support), and they’ve all been pretty impressive and very good cases overall. Despite that, one thought that keeps occurring to me as I use those cases is how much I like the smart cover.

Using these other iPad 2 cases, as capable and attractive as they are, has shown me how much I miss using the smart cover itself and that it is easily my favorite cover for the iPad 2 at home. I find myself consistently coming back to the smart cover after using these other cases.

I’m still glad to have other cases around for the iPad 2, as I don’t fancy using only the smart cover when using it when I’m out and about – and they are more than good enough to use for any purpose, but they just don’t quite offer the level of comfort and ease of use that the smart cover does.

So yeah, as the post title says, the more iPad 2 cases I use, the more my affection for the smart cover is growing. My mixed feelings have become not mixed at all.

How about you? For those who have had the smart cover for a while now, how do you like it now? More than you did at first? Less?

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21 thoughts on “The More iPad 2 Cases I Use, the More I Love the Smart Cover”

  1. It’s interesting how we have both flip-flopped on the Smart Covers. I had no interest in them at launch, but then the design grew on me over the subsequent weeks. That was helped along be the fact that there were so few cases available. Once I did finally break down and buy one, I loved it. It grew on me pretty fast, and more than I expected.

    I really like the versatility and unique design of the Samrt Cover, and how easy it is to remove and replace. Having no coverage on the back of my iPad is a drawback, but I do have a skin on the back for scratch protection. I also carry my iPad around in a netbook case when traveling, so it is protected from drops in places where it would be exposed to damage. I am usually seated when I take the iPad out o the case to use it, so I feel pretty secure with just the Smart Cover, at this point.

    1. Yeah, it has certainly grown on me. A lot. Thomas says it feels like part of the device, and I think that’s not far off. It is so easy and comfortable to use. The folding over the back thing that used to bug me a lot is a total non-issue for me now.

      I even ordered a back-cover only case today that is specially designed to wok in tandem with the smart cover.

  2. I use the SmartCover with a transparent, thin Joy Factory back cover. For carrying it around, inside a bag, I purchased a $15 Targus sleeve.

    1. Sounds like a good setup. I’ve heard quite a few people say they like that Targus sleeve.

      1. I can see that being a reason not to buy it and it would be a lot better with a magnet.

  3. I just got my ipad 2 yesterday, and love it…been looking at and researching covers and cases since I ordered it 3 weeks ago…love the concept of the smart cover, but hate the idea of leaving the back exposed (my daughter’s ipad 2 was already getting scratched after 1 or 2 weeks of use. I settled on the Targus protective cover/stand for a number of reasons: 1) protects both the front and back, and doesn’t really add that much bulk to the package (total thickness: 3/4″, but doesn’t feel it); 2) has the multiple viewing angles that most of the products have 3) easy on/easy off 4) priced right and 5) looks very “professional” (I’m a 58 year old compliance officer, and really don’t need anything fancy or colorful).

    Of course, you could always go with the Belkin hard case back which is compatible with the smart cover, but you’re looking at higher costs…or use a replaceable skin like jhrogersii, but I just like the look of the Targus case.

    1. Sounds like a good choice for you. I had screen protectors applied to front and back of the iPad 2 right away, so the back had a degree of protection right away, at least against scratches and similar.

  4. Smartcover with a color-matched Gelaskin on the back. It slips easily into my purse that way and comes out ready to use, no fiddling with a case. My iPhone has a matching Gelaskin and no case.

  5. What about “Smart Cap”? I just saw a YouTube review. Covers the back and will have colors to match each of the smartcovers. There are too many options! VERY confusing!

  6. I have read in the reviews on the smart cover that it gets dirty easily and pols ad quickly. What isyourexperience? Is it worth the extra money to get the lack leather?

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