What Does the Verizon iPhone Mean for the iPad?

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Today Verizon and Apple finally confirmed the near-mythical Verizon iPhone. The Verizon iPhone 4 will be released next month and is featured on the home page of apple.com today.

So what, if anything, does this mean for the iPad? Hopefully it means we’ll see 3G models of the iPad 2 for the Verizon network – and more choice in terms of cellular network and data plan pricing for those who want an always-connected iPad.

Of course Verizon are already selling the current generation iPad WiFi models in their stores and online, and the signs look good for the Apple-Verizon relationship to result in more headline products this year and beyond.

Here’s a couple of the quotes from the Verizon iPhone announcement press event earlier today:

Our relationship with Apple has developed over the last two years. In 2008 we started talking about bringing the iPhone to a CDMA network. We spent a year testing." …

We’ve been working with Verizon for awhile… this is just the beginning of a relationship between Apple and Verizon. I’m very optimistic about what the future holds.

If we do see an iPad 2 3G model for Verizon, that should help give it an even bigger US market share. I’d certainly give it a good look if data plan costs are competitive and as flexible as AT&T’s. With my iPhone, I’m too fond of the family plan and rollover minutes we have with AT&T (and our voice and data service has mostly been quite good). On the iPad, for just pure cellular data coverage when needed, it’s a more painless and attractive option.

What are your thoughts on a possible Verizon iPad 2?

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3 thoughts on “What Does the Verizon iPhone Mean for the iPad?”

  1. The other thing it could mean: I can drop my data plan on my iPad + 3G. Verizon is showing that the iPhone can be used as a hotspot. Verizon is also gonna have unlimited data plans. Thereby, for with, etc, I can use my iPhone for the data on my iPad, and drop the $30 / month plan i have with At&t.


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