What We Didn’t Get In Today’s iPad 2 Announcement

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Well, when you have as many rumors floating around as we saw before the iPad 2 official announcement today, there is bound to be a LITTLE disappointment. So let’s look at what we didn’t see or hear about.

  • No Retina Display- Not a big shock to me. I don’t see how Apple could ship a screen like this in volume this year. Maybe in the iPad 3.
  • No S-IPS Screen- I was a little surprised that there were no screen improvements at all. Production volumes may have been an issue here, however. Apple is going to have to produce a lot of iPad 2’s to meet the initial demand, so I guess this may be a good thing.
  • No GPS chip in the WiFi Model- Oh well. Now I have to decide if I want to cough up an extra $120 for one lousy feature.
  • No Carbon Fiber Body- Apple stuck with the aluminum back, but it really isn’t a big deal since iPad 2 is still thinner and lighter than the original.
  • No additional ports or SD slot- Maybe a secondary port or slot was pulled at the last minute, per some reports. I am personally not surprised at this either, though. Additional ports seems very “un-Apple,” at least on what they are now calling their “Post-PC” consumer devices.
  • No immediate availability- Again, not shocked about this. I was hoping for pre-orders today, though. I will be unhappy if the iPad 2 isn’t available to pick up on the 11th. I am leaving town for a few days on the 12th, and will be unhappy if I don’t have my new toy in hand.
  • Memory- TBD. Apple doesn’t usually talk much about memory in these announcements, and they didn’t in this case, either. Hopefully there will be some leaks on this critical feature, but we will probably have to wait for the teardown sights to work their magic before we know for sure.

Some other noteable topics not mentioned include:

  • iOS 5- All the talk was of 4.3, which isn’t a huge surprise. Looks like Facetime and PhotoBooth were the only real OS additions for the new iPad. iMovie and Garage Band made up for the lack of OS enhancements, especially when you consider the reasonable prices.
  • MobileMe/Cloud Services- I’m a little surprised at this one. I really thought Apple would want to beat Google to the punch on a cloud-based music solution, even if it is just a repository. Guess Apple is saving these for the iOS 5/iPhone 5 launch.
  • Subscription Service Clarifications- With the negative press surrounding the recent enforcement of Apple policy and how vague Apple was in pointing out who the rules would effect, I am really surprised that this wasn’t even mentioned.

So, there are several things that we either didn’t get, or didn’t get to hear about yet. Are there any missing features that particularly bum you out, or are you still pretty psyched with what we DID get? Will any of these squashed rumors give you pause when it comes time to buy on March 11th? Let us know what you think of what wasn’t included in the iPad 2 or wasn’t talked about in the comments.

James Rogers

I am a Christian husband and father of 3 living in the Southeastern US. I have worked as a programmer and project manager in the Commercial and Industrial Automation industry for over 19 years, so I am hands on with technology almost every day. However, my passion in technology is for mobile devices, specifically Apple's iOS and iPadOS hardware and software. My favorite is still the iPad.

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5 thoughts on “What We Didn’t Get In Today’s iPad 2 Announcement”

  1. I’m like you, I can’t figure out if having the GPS is worth the extra bucks now that iOS 4.3 gives us a hotspot feature. I wish AT&T would let us know something regarding their policy, we’ve got to get in queue to pick up a new iPad.

  2. I already use MyWi on my jailbroken iPhone 4, so I have never had a reason to buy the 3G iPad other than the GPS. That didn’t bother me until I loaded the universal version of Navigon MobileNavigator on it. It makes really nice use of the larger screen, and is the ultimate trip planning tool. I can’t see buying one of those huge car stands to use it as a primary GPS, but it would also make an excellent live map for the passengers in the car to look stuff up with.

    LOL Brandon. Yeah, I don’t really understand why they went away from the live stream this time. Kinda sucked having to follow the live blogs again.

  3. We need usb for a small portable printer we carry in our motorhome. I don’t know yet if the new iPad will accommodate a usb connected printer.

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