Why I love my white iPad 2 and why you might too

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Like many Apple watchers, I sincerely hope that the mystery of the mythical white iPhone 4 will soon be solved. Now it’s apparently been taken from the Apple store, despite indications that it would be available in spring 2011 (there’s no mention of it on the iPhone 4 page). Hmm. Even stranger than the question why it hasn’t materialized so far is the fact that Apple has managed to mass-produce a white iPad 2. There have been many theories but not much in the way of explanation from the mothership. Only a humorous allusion to the mythical white iPhone by Steve Jobs while introducing the iPad 2 a few weeks ago (yes it’s only been a few weeks). So while I have no insider knowledge to share about could or may be, I can share some insights about the white iPad 2, for those who may be weighing their choice between white and black.

I have to begin by going back to the early 2000’s when the iPod first came out. It was this white, beautiful block of metal and technology. Everyone recognized the early adopters of the iPod by their white earbuds (till we moved on to better non-white ones). White was the new black. The white iPod rocked. Now skip forward 10 years: to the launch of the white iPad 2 for the first international markets.

I chose white for purely logistical reasons, figuring it would be less favoured and thus more readily available on launch day. I was right. Now, nestled snugly in my hands, I peer at it pretty closely. The white of the frame is a milky white that reminds me of piano keys. Yup, it’s like ivory. It’s shiny with depth and dimension. Just like the 1st generation iPods. Touching it reminds me of touching piano keys. The material is really top-notch. So as it turns out, my coincidental purchasing decision has turned out to be a real blessing.

Some claim the white frame does not fit well optically with the generally dark content background, marking a stark contrast compared with a disappearing horizon of black content on black frame (Gizmodo has a side by side comparison here). I’ve found this is not so at all. When you look at content on the iPad, you are looking at exactly that, content! You’re not looking at the outer frame. You’re not holding it far away from your face. It’s like holding a window. Using the iPad is an immersive experience, I doubt that many pay attention to the device itself while using it. Neither have I noticed any colour imperfections, nor problems with reading the device in different types of light. No minuses to speak of.

I also spent a bit of time deciding on the right colour Smart Cover, finally settling on light grey, which works quite well with the silver back of the unit.

All in all the iPad 2 is a device in white, done 100% right. This may point to the reason we haven’t seen its equivalent in iPhone 4 yet. But I’m almost sure that when it does come, it will be done right. Apple has proven that it’s not a company  satisfied with slapping a bit of colour on a device at the expense of quality. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. But when it does, it’s [insert word here] just right!

If you’re thinking about getting a white iPad 2, don’t let the naysayers dissuade you. Test it at the store so you can experience it firsthand. Or just go ahead and watch this incredible video of someone unboxing a white iPad 2 unit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-09ae-Bzy2c


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9 thoughts on “Why I love my white iPad 2 and why you might too”

  1. I, too, love my white iPad2. I didn’t chose it because I thought it would be more available. I stood in line on day one with my heart set on a white iPad. It is luscious!

    I also chose the light gray smart cover. I’ve been happy with the cover and love how it turns the device on and off, however, the microfiber lining is beginning to accumulate bits of dust and fluff and a dark smudge of something like ink. I will likely look at third-party covers or cases that incorporate the magic magnets.

  2. It’s ok, AliciaB, you don’t have to justify your white iPad to us! :) I’ve got a black iPad (1) and I don’t think I’d be as happy with a white iPad to be honest. The white border (of which I’ve seen on my friend’s white iPad 2) is a bit too distracting I find. Generally TVs are found in dark colours only for the same reason. But each to their own, I’m sure you love it all the same!

  3. I’m with Bill I went and stood in line 8 hrs specifically for the white Verizon model. Right at about 4:30 they told me they didn’t get any white Verizon model and said just get a black one and return it. Needless to say I was not happy and nothing else will do Well I left the store and managed to get one of 3 left at the Best buy.

    Once you go white….lol

  4. The white iPad is perfect. Even matches cable color and Apple Bluetooth keyboard. It’s like white is the iPad color and black is the other color. Black iPad owners will be internally envious of us.

  5. I have a black iPad 2,but wanted a white one. I’m so jealous. :) I’ll get one one of these days.

  6. I am also glad I waited for my white iPad 2. It arrived two weeks ago (and two weeks sooner at that!) and I am very happy with it. My husband now uses my first iPad and I think even he is a bit envious of the white one. :)

  7. Nobody loves their IPAD2 more than me, it’s just not possible. What a brilliant piece of engineering, and I’ll fight ya on that one!!! Now if only it churned out money, I’d be golden.

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