With the new iPad 2 ad Apple’s just getting started

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No doubt a lot of you out there are too young to remember the excitement us Apple watchers felt in the early days when a new iPod commercial came out. There were gasps of “cool!” all over the proto-twitterverse/blogosphere in reaction to the new Indie song that had been chosen to herald the iPod in all its silhouetted glory. Songs like Walkie Talkie Man, Are you gonna be my girl? or Jerk it out enjoyed a nice chart run on Apple’s coattails. Good times.

Now in the iPad age, Apple is more subdued and minimalistic in their spots but the messaging is the same. It’s about the user experience, about how you feel when you use the product. And of course, in true Apple style, the commercials are a must-see, as in the recently released new iPad 2 ad “If you asked” ad? Following the “We believe” ad that Patrick commented on a few weeks ago, the new one calls iPad “intuitive, inspiring, groundbreaking, powerful, the future, magic”: and delivers an amusing ending.

Does Apple actually need to advertise the iPad 2? After all it’s been sold out in several countries for weeks. Why whet appetites only to disappoint prospective buyers when they try to get one online or in a brick-and-mortar store? Ah but this is what fuels the drive to get your hands on one. And it reinforces Apple’s message on the iPad, in the face of the ever-growing list of wannabes that bark specs at customers. The ad cleverly uses Apple’s iPad forte and advantage, which in my view is unmatched to date among the Xooms, Tabs and Slates. They show, casually but purposefully, that the iPad is for everyone – young, old, enterprise, education, science, entertainment, creativity. Are we going to see an ad for the Playbook anytime soon that can claim a broad user appeal? I don’t think so.

View it on Apple’s iPad page: http://www.apple.com/ipad/#if-you-asked


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