Battery Life Still One of the iPad’s Underrated Killer Features

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iPad Battery Life

It’s nowhere near as glamorous as a retina display or AirPlay Mirroring, but incredible battery life is still one of the iPad’s great features.

I’ve had a perfect reminder of that over the last week or so. I bought a new iPad 3 as a dedicated testing device 8 days ago. I have not charged at all since buying it and beginning to use it last Monday (May 21).  It’s sitting on my desk now at 24% charge.

Admittedly it has had some days of little or no use; but it has also had a few days of relatively heavy use. On the day I bought it, I used it for somewhere around 8 hours on and off while getting it setup as I wanted it, installing some apps and generally breaking it in. Last Friday I jailbroke it with the new Absinthe 2.0 jailbreak and it got many hours of use through the day and night testing the superb new Quasar jailbreak app that allows some real multitasking on the iPad. In fact that evening I did a lot of testing of running multiple windowed apps – watching video on Hulu Plus, playing a football manager game, and running Twitter, Reeder, Flipboard and others nearly all the time.

My everyday iPad 3 also gets great battery life – but this new one has just highlighted it nicely for me – with its impressive eight day initial run.

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5 thoughts on “Battery Life Still One of the iPad’s Underrated Killer Features”

    1. It’s an app called Battery HD+. Just a standard App Store app, no jailbreak required.

  1. I can’t confirm this for my new Ipad 32gb Wifi. I bought it a week ago and need to charge it every second day. I use it for internet surfing, facebook and a little of gaming but I wouldn’t say it’s heavy usage. My Motorolla Xoom does last way longer than the Ipad.

    1. That sounds like you could improve battery life drastically just by adjusting a few settings. That’s not typical sounding results at all.

  2. I am with ?mike on this. I have tried the suggestions for conserving battery life and while it is better than doing nothing it is nothing to write home about. I have to recharge every evening.

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