iPad HD or iPad 3, and Are You Getting One?

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iPad HD

The latest rumors on the day before Apple’s iPad 3 announcement event include a number of sources saying that the next-gen iPad will be called the iPad HD, not iPad 3. The argument here is that iPad HD is a much clearer indication of the key new feature – a hugely improved, retina quality display for the next iPad.

We’ve seen Apple go with the iPhone 3G name for their second-gen iPhone, so the iPad HD name as a possibility doesn’t seem far fetched.

I’ve also seen a survey claiming that up to 42% of current iPad owners have plans to buy the next iPad, whatever its name ends up being. So I’m curious – how many of you dear readers are planning to get the iPad 3 / iPad HD? It would be great to hear how you’re leaning – if you have a moment add a comment saying whether you plan to buy, you’re not planning to, or it all depends on what Apple announces about the next-gen iPad.

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41 thoughts on “iPad HD or iPad 3, and Are You Getting One?”

  1. I’ve got an original iPad, and the iPad2 was not enough of an improvement for me to upgrade. I spend a lot of time reading on my iPad, and I will by a new version of it has a higher resolution screen. The increased resolution will be especially nice for technical documents with charts or graphs.

  2. Definitely getting one this month. Have had the original iPad too long. No front/rear cameras. Really looking forward to all the upgrades

  3. If it supported Flash I’d upgrade in a heartbeat just so I could watch Amazon VOD on it. I can’t think of any other compelling reason I’d want to ditch my iPad 2 for one, though.

  4. I bought my IPad2 a year ago, so I don’t think I’ll be upgrading at this time.
    I bought my first Apple IIe in 1979, so this one should be my last.

  5. I’m using iPad2 and don’t think about the new one, I like my own. But my boyfriend owns iPad1 and he intends to “look” at the iPad3.

  6. I have an iPad 2 at the moment. If the screen and front facing camera are upgraded (as the rumours suggest) then I will probably upgrade once all the hype has settled down

    1. I’ve got an 8 year old (very soon to be 9) daughter who is trying to get shared time on the iPad 2 with her mom, and will have an original iPad to herself after I get the new one.

  7. I plan on upgrading from an iPad 2 to the next generation. I probably won’t upgrade right away but in a couple of months.

  8. I don’t plan to buy the iPad 3, I have an original iPad and I still love it.

    The additional speed and cameras didn’t make me want the iPad 2.

    However, I do believe Retina Display will make things a lot better on iPad 3.

    I’m not buying it as I recently bought my first Mac :ó) (MBA), but I’m strongly recommending it.

    As a side comment, I think prices will be as follows (for the 16 GB Wifi only):

    iPad 3 $499
    iPad 2 $399
    iPad 1 $249 (Just as iPhone 3Gs is about half the price of the iPhone 4S and to compete with Kindle Fire on pricing)

  9. My iPad 2 is sufficient for me right now, and although the improved retina display might be
    tempting, not necessary.

  10. I’m planning on getting one as an upgrade from my 1st Gen iPad. And my wife is getting that one, so she’s happy too!

  11. Early adopter here, so yes. I got the 1 with 3G on launch day and still use it daily. Wife has a 1 as well. I’ll get the 3/HD and pass along my 1 to our daughter who’s in college. The only question: What sort of data plans will be available?

  12. I’m not getting 1. I’ve only had my 2 for about 6 months. Retina display & an upgraded camera are not enough for me to buy a new one. The camera works fine for how I use it & there’s always dropbox if I want to work with higher res pics

  13. I currently own an iPad 2 and will not upgrade – unless iPad Insight is going to give one away. I’ll wait for the version after.

  14. Same as AndyC above, the camera doesn’t interest me much but I am looking forward to a more detailed screen. I’ve had the iPad since the day it debuted and only use my desktop Mac for archiving data and producing some newsletters. Just got a printer that is wireless so have one less task needing the desktop machine.

  15. Just got my first iPad2 and haven’t dicovered even the half of it. And I find the screen resolution very very good. So, I guess I’ll hold off for now…maybe in September…

  16. I plan on getting one and giving my iPad 1 to my fiancé. I guess I just skipped right over the ipad2 LOL!

  17. I own an Ipad2 since October and it’s giving me a very good service, no way I’m going to invest another 800 €

  18. Nope, not getting a version 3. I actually just had my version 2 replaced at no charge because the line in stopped working and I had purchased the first one eleven months ago. At some point I imagine I’ll upgrade, but not now.

  19. No, I had an iPad 1, replaced it about a year ago with the iPad 2, and just bought a new MacBook Air, so no more money for Apple in my account!

  20. Yes, I will be getting the IPad 3. I have the 16 gig IPad 1, i do a lot of photo editing on my Ipad and i dont have enough storage space. I would love to have a camera and more storage for photos.

  21. I thought about it. Who cares (No I know everyone does). The second you get it, you’ll be going back to the same things you were just doing before. I figure iPad 2 is good enough, and the best thing, an iPad, has already been here for 2 years. It’s experience is NOT just a retina display and faster chips.

  22. I had the ipad 1 and i then got the iPad2. Will wait to see what the ipad3’s features are before deciding on a purchase. From what I have read it makes sense for the ipad1 users to upgrade, but there is not enough to warrant an upgrade from the ipad2

  23. Absolutely! My iPad 2 is the main tool I use. The only complaints I have is that text could be clearer and 3G is too slow. At least one (screen resolution) and maybe both (LTE?) will be addressed with the iPad 3. I’ll sell the 2 and get around half what the 3 will cost me.

  24. I had the ipad 1( my 10 yr old has it now) and I love my iPad 2. I don’t plan to upgrade but I didn’t plan to upgrade from iPad 1 either ( but my 21 yr old is now asking me can she have my iPad 2 for school). So only time will tell.

  25. I purchased the ipad2 wifi seven months ago, giving it to my daughter and getting the ipad3 with wifi+4g. That should hold me for a while.

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