On the Eve of the iPad 3 Launch, a Quick Rumors Roundup

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Tomorrow is the big day finally – Apple’s iPad 3 (or whatever name it ends up with) reveal event in San Francisco.

Over the last few weeks I’ve posted about some of the more notable iPad 3 rumors, though I’ve never been interested in covering all of them. Now that we’re less than 24 hours away from Apple telling us all about the next-gen iPad I thought I’d share a quick, final rundown of some of the latest and most interesting rumors on iPad 3 / iPad HD Eve. I’ll list them according to how likely I feel they are to prove accurate:

As Close to a Sure Thing as Possible with Apple:

— The next iPad will have a hugely improved (likely retina quality) display.

I’d Bet on It:

— Launch date (when it’s available to buy) has been pegged as Friday March 16, 9 days after the announcement tomorrow. Whenever friends have asked me over the last week or so, I’ve said this date would be my best guess and it still is – though I’ve seen a few rumors of early accessory shipments that suggest there’s a chance the release will be even sooner.

— iPad 3 / HD pricing staying at same levels as current iPad 2 models.

— Apple is making a Smart Case – like the Smart Cover but with some back coverage as well.

— A major refresh for or a brand new Apple TV.

— Yes, it will still have a home button.

— More RAM. It will be needed with the improved display and is almost overdue anyway.

On the Fence:

— iPad HD has emerged as the late favorite for the name of the new iPad. This makes sense given the iPhone 3G and even iPhone 4S naming, but I still wouldn’t be surprised by iPad 3 either.

— New quad-core processor or new dual-core with beefed up graphics handling capabilities.

— Many sources today are saying LTE support is a certainty, with models for both AT&T and Verizon.

— iPad 2 staying around at a lower price ($100 off at each level seems to be the consensus).

That’s my quick bets on what we’ll learn tomorrow. What are yours?

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