One More iPad 3 Wish List Item – Siri

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iPad3 with Siri

A few weeks back I posted my initial iPad 3 Wish List. I mentioned around 8 features and things I’d like to see in the iPad 3 that’s expected to be unveiled and released next month. Those included a significantly improved display (which I think is now all but a certainty), a faster processor, more RAM, continued stellar battery life, and more.

One item I left out of that list and that I’ve been thinking about a fair bit lately is Siri – the voice command and dictation capabilities found on the iPhone 4S. Siri is officially in beta and is far from flawless in my usage of it so far – but it is still definitely a killer feature. The voice dictation within apps is especially great.

So I would definitely like to see Siri come to the iPad 3. While the voice command feature would be a nice addition, it’s the dictation ability that would really be immensely useful on the iPad. I also expect that Siri’s abilities will be expanded in the not-too-distant future and hopefully more support for 3rd party apps will be coming as well. All of this makes it even more attractive to have Siri on the next-gen iPad.

What do you all think? Does Siri make it on to your iPad 3 wish list?

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2 thoughts on “One More iPad 3 Wish List Item – Siri”

  1. To be honest, Siri just doesn’t interest me because it requires you to press a button to turn it on, which means being within reach of the device. Now if they made Siri always listen and respond your voice like the computers in Star Trek, then yes – I would love to see Siri on the iPad 3.

    I can just imagine Siri a few years from now:

    “Siri, order me a pizza from Dominos. Something meaty, don’t forget the pineapple. Pay with my Mastercard, deliver to home ASAP.

    When that happens, I can die happy.

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