Selling an iPad Before Buying an iPad 3? Some Good Places to Do That

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Places to Sell iPad

Now that we are getting to the final few weeks before the expected release of the iPad 3, many current iPad owners will be looking at selling their current iPad (or an older model) to help finance the purchase of the next-gen model.

If you’re in that mode, you can of course sell via eBay or Craigslist and very likely get the highest price for your iPad by going that route. I’ve never been a fan of going that route, just because of the hassle factor of avoiding scammers and time wasters in those spaces. So I thought I’d share a few other options that are out there for selling an iPad, or any other electronic devices you may want to get rid of leading up the iPad 3 launch.

Here’s three to consider, along with the estimate I got from each to buy my iPad 2 WiFi + 3G (AT&T) model in flawless condition, just to give a point of reference. It’s very easy and quick to get an estimated purchase price at all three:

Apple: Apple has a Reuse and Recycling program for iPads, iPhones, and Macs.

$315 for my iPad 2.

BuyMyTronics: This company is also all about recycling and reusing electronics and keeping old devices out of landfills. They are geared up this year for the iPad 3 release and say they have positioned their iPads pricing to be the among the best in the industry.

$392 for my iPad 2

Gazelle: Probably the best known site for buying used electronics. I’ve used them to sell a MacBook Pro and found everything about the experience superb. They paid for shipping the computer to them, made it simple to get it shipped, checked the PC quickly and confirmed their estimate, and sent me the money fast as well.

$380 for my iPad 2

If you know of other good places to sell your iPads please tell us about them in the comments. And if you’re planning to sell an original iPad or iPad 2 in order to get an iPad 3, let us know how you plan to go about it.

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3 thoughts on “Selling an iPad Before Buying an iPad 3? Some Good Places to Do That”

  1. The highest trade in value I’ve found was on $286.50 for my perfectly kept iPad 2 16GB Black. You can also do a trade in through them at Target, but they pay about $10 less.

    I would really like to sell my iPad 2 and upgrade especially if 3 has the retina display. But I’m not sure I can go very long without my tablet while I wait for the next gen to be released. :/

    I may just try to sell it independently after iPad 3 announcement or release and possibly get a bit more than I can with these trade-in deals.

  2. How long can you delay sending in the iPad at buymytronics and gazelle? I don’t want a lag between my iPads. I don’t know what I would do with myself absent my iPad.

  3. The scammers on eBay are too much of a hassle? Your comments are irresponsible and sort of ridiculous. Benn on eBay for 12+ years. I’ve over 2200 transactions both as buyer and seller and have never once run not a scammer. eBay has so many fails aces and protections built in now it’s easier to scam your bank than it is another eBay user. I appreciate your alternatives for selling your iPad, but you could have setup the story / article in a much more accurate way than using the lame excuse that you did.

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