Starting to Think on What to Do with Old iPads Leading up to iPad 3 Launch

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Now that we’re into the ‘iPad season’ portion of the year, I’ve started thinking about what to do with the current iPads in my household in the lead-up to launch of the iPad 3 (or whatever the next-gen iPad ends up being called).

Right now I use an iPad 2 64GB WiFi + 3G model, and my wife and daughter share an original iPad that’s also 64GB and WiFi + 3G (handed down when I bought the iPad 2 on launch day last year).

Unless Apple decide to announce that the iPad 3 will be made of Play-Doh and powered by Android, I’ll be getting one on launch day again. And I’m sure my wife and daughter will be more than happy to take the iPad 2 as another hand-me-down at that point. My daughter is getting more and more use out of the iPad and some great educational apps as well as fun games on it – so the substantial upgrade from the original iPad will get put to good use.

That leaves the original iPad in a rather lonely position. I can’t see it getting a whole lot of regular use at that point – so I’m thinking about the best thing to do with it. I may keep it around for a while purely for testing things on. I’ll think a bit on whether there’s a friend or organization that I can give it to and see it get good use. Or I may just sell it.

If I go with the selling it option, I’ll avoid the hassle of eBay and Craigslist (even though it would likely sell for a better price) and go with the superb Gazelle online service. They buy used electronics of all types, and their site boasts of fast payment, fair prices, and free shipping (of your devices to them). I’ve used them recently to sell an old MacBook and found every aspect of dealing with them excellent. Shipping was free and easy, the price I got was fair and reasonable, and I didn’t wait long at all to get paid.

I had a quick look at their iPads section this morning, and saw that I’d likely get around $230 for my original iPad. Even a 16GB WiFi only original iPad in good condition would go for $160.

So if any of you are thinking along similar lines for your original iPad or iPad 2, you may well want to give Gazelle a look.

Are you already thinking about what to do with your older iPad if you decide to get the iPad 3? If so, let us know in the comments what your plans are.

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5 thoughts on “Starting to Think on What to Do with Old iPads Leading up to iPad 3 Launch”

  1. I’m using an old iPhone to stream Pandora through my entertainment system; I’m going to use my old iPad as a permanent dock to my TV to stream Netflix and Amazon movies.

  2. Having too many iProducts is a rather obnoxious problem. Seriously? Give it to a charity and get some perspective.

    1. Where did I say I have too many iDevices? Answer = I did not. I said only that I have started thinking about what to do with older gen iPads when new one is acquired. One of the things I’ll consider is giving the oldest one to a local school or similar.

      Here’s my quick perspective: I do this for a living, so yes I have more than one iDevice in my house. I’m thinking carpenters likely have more than one tool in their houses as well.

      1. If I ever hear a carpenter lament a redundant drill press, I will say the very same thing.

        Hey, you asked for opinions. Suck it up.

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