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Apple iPad 3 Event March 7

Not much longer to wait now, for the next-gen iPad announcement at least. Then we might well be into waiting on the release and being able to pre-order but lets not worry about that just yet.

If you’re looking to follow along live with Apple’s iPad 3 / iPad HD event starting in a little over an hour (at 1:00 Eastern) there are a number of good sites that always offer excellent liveblog coverage. Fortune Tech has got a good list of a number of these here.

My favorite for these events is gdgt with Ryan Block generally providing excellent, instant analysis. This is their liveblog page for today. And here are a few others I’ll be following on my iPad and MacBook Pro:


The Loop

ars technica

It looks like Apple will not be livestreaming the event today. There will be some live streams on Ustream, but in the past I’ve found those are often poor quality and that they drop in and out frequently. Your mileage may vary.

Oh, and of course I’ll be sharing some thoughts and reactions here throughout today.

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