Why iPad generation 3 is simply the New iPad

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So let’s step back and look at the bigger picture here. Today Apple unveiled the 3rd generation iPad. This brought lots of things that we were expecting. We wished for and got a Retina display, ultrafast speed via 4G LTE, a better camera (5 megapixels) and a faster chip (A5X). We also got a few things that were not really expecting, like an iLife refresh featuring iPhoto for iOS, HD video recording and Dictation (note: no Siri).

What we did not get was a name. Despite two divergent theories heading into the announcement today, it was neither hailed as the iPad 3 nor the iPad HD. It’s simply called the new iPad. Not even “n” capitalized.

Why the hell did Apple not give this MF a name? What are they trying to say here?

In my view they are saying: we are successful with this, it aint broke, it don’t need fixin’, it just needs tweakin’ a bit. Pretty ballsy.

In hindsight this seems very logical for the company that has been selling a shitload of iPads ever since Day One to completely ignore pundits, analysts, competitors and others, who clamour for a smaller iPad (nope, no iPad mini dropped) or one without a home button (it has the same physical button) or any changes to their recipe. The new iPad has the same capacities, same battery life, same form factor, same UI. All they have done is improve speed, performance and software features. They have simply made their product better. Bam.

But, we hear you say. How can do a search for in on Google or Ebay? How will you ask for this is a store? Do you want the New iPad or the Old iPad and when generation 4 comes along, will we ask for the Old New iPad versus the New New iPad? We will have to park that question for later.

In the end, it will not matter. Apple will still sell lots and lots of iPads. There will be much gnashing of teeth in the halls of Motorola, Samsung or RIM. But I think  it’s a fair guess to say that will not hinder the continued successful march of the iPad in 2012.


So the only question is, when will the New iPhone drop?


What do you think? What’s in a name anyway?


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4 thoughts on “Why iPad generation 3 is simply the New iPad”

  1. I doubt it will affect their revenue in the least, but it seems like it would have been a lot simpler to just give it a name (unless they are going to just start calling them # Generation IPad)

  2. At which moment “new” iPad will become old one and how we will call it afther iPad “4”?

  3. Come on people – if they named it the iPad 3G – how stupid would that sound since it’s a 4G device. If they named it the iPad 4G – people would ask, “what happened to the third generation model”. It was a no-win situation for Apple. It’s simply called the iPad…right now, it happens to be the new iPad, but in typical Apple fashion, it will be the old iPad before we even know it :-)

  4. Look at the iPod Touch and original iPod. This naming scheme is the same. Also title “the new” iPad is not the name. It’s an adjective. I’m blown away by all the hype surrounding the name and then the confusion. This is not the first time Apple has done this.

    The 4th generation iPod back in the day added a color screen and photo capability, yet Apple just called it iPod (or the new iPod). Same thing when the 5th generation iPod added video! They did this with software too. When Final Cut Studio 3 came out they didn’t call it Final Cut Studio 3. They called it simply Final Cut Studio.

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